Friday, 30 January 2009

A Little Find.

After a bit of disappointment yesterday (i was expecting a parcel and waited for AGES for the postman....i even went down the stairs to look out of the door ,about five times, just to see if the postman was there!! but when he came all he brought me were bank statements!!! RUBBISH!

So to cheer me up i went for a wonder around the charity shops, i didn't have a lot of pennies so it was going to be challenge...but i think i came up trumps....

(AHHHH but i forgot to turn it around and i cant figure out how to just flip it round on blogger or delete just the picture and not the whole post!!!)

Hope you guys can see it...the sugar bowl was a pound and the wool was 40p!! i think the bowl is a little bit has a stamp on the bottom anyway so I've put it on the shelf with all of the china my ma and pa brought me for Christmas.

Well.....guess what?.....I've got to go to work!!! a lovely concessions shift for me!!! "Would you like to go large for just under 50p!!" (every time i say it a little bit of me dies!)

Bye for Now!!



  1. Love the little sugar bowl. I love a bargain in a charity shop. Thanks for popping by my blog, its lovely to meet new people. Take Care xxxx Pixie xxxx

  2. That would have made my day too. What a bargain. I have joined in and put some crockery on my blog. Hope work wasn't to much of a drag.
    Bonita x

  3. Justkeep with it and know that you would find something much better for 50p in the charity shop!