Sunday, 30 August 2009


Hello everybody. I hope that you are OK.
I feel a bit sorry for myself at the moment. i woke up this morning with a stupid sinus headache (for those who don't know i have a lot of trouble with allergies...especially dustmites and cats...when they get in my head they GET in my head), but trundled into work, but once i got into work i just hit a wall, i was soooo tired and my arms were all achey. So Jon (one of the managers and good friend) let me go home early. Except I'm all lonely at home because arth is at work! what a loser i am! Anyway, Ive decided to self medicate....Rooibush tea, galaxy chocolate and a good book...if i can keep my eyes open long enough! The book is by Neil Gaiman who is my number one favorite author. He wrote Coraline, the book the recent film was based on, as well as loads of other great books! I was out on Cheltenham high street again this yesterday. Instead of giving out flowers with flyer's on...i was giving out cup cakes with little flags advertising our shop in them. It went well...until i was left with four and a rather determined wasp. its stupid really...being 23 and scared stupid of wasps! i managed to off load the last four as quick as i could and then ran away with my tail between my legs!
I have to admit that i cheated and brought the ready made cakes....i iced them myself tho'!!
They brought in a few people and there some other peeps came in for a its slowly getting better.
I made a few more bits for the shop as well...
Some bib panels all i need to do is make the bibs!
Some new fabric bracelets...
And some new dust colours which aren't as summery as the other ones...its getting colder all ready isn't it? In a way I'm looking forward to it being colder, this is the first time we've been in a house with central heating AND double glazing!!! (no more ice on the inside of our windows!woot woot!)
I thought i would just let ya'll know that the giveaway over on StuffedNonsense closes tomorrow (all you have to do is head over and subscribe/follow our blog and you could win a basket full of our lovelies!)
Right...I'm going to rest some more, we are off to Bristol tomorrow (its the last day of the Banksy exhibit and it was El's birthday yesterday so we are going to brave the queues!)
See you Soon

Monday, 24 August 2009

After All Of Those Words...

I thought i had better give you some pictures!!...
I've had such a fantastic day today so far. recently its been a bit tough to see Arth around the house, as i start work he's finishing so we've just been passing each other on by! but today he isn't working and I'm not in until 4 so we've had a lovely morning and afternoon together!
We wondered into town earlier on and popped into a paint shop to get some colour cards (we're in the process of decorating the bedroom)...lots of lovely colours to choose from!!! we are going to go for (or something very similar) the green one second one in from the left, on from the bottom (its got writing on it) we're going to put it on one wall, which will be the one where the bed goes, and we have grand plans for a cool tree/branch silhouette picture on it too. i also picked up the yellow ones and some pinky ones for the craft room. how exciting!!

We stopped of for a coffee too....mmmmmmm

There's no way i could drink anything as strong as Arth's coffee!!, I'm a wuss when it comes to caffeine and coffee (i wasn't allowed it for quite a while when i was a kid, i had terrible migraines and the banned me from eating and drinking 'trigger foods' like caffeine, cheese,nuts, chocolate etc etc) i just thought that the crema (hey check me out showing of my coffee republic training!hehehehe) look very pretty.

i mentioned i was going to the boot fair yesterday, well i did....but the pickings were slim! i did find this rather lovely pair tho'...They are salt and pepper pots! how cute! i also found the interesting peach coloured buttons and some nice grey shell ones. i did find some other nice buttons but the lady wanted 50p each for them...I'm not tight but i thought that was a bit too much so i left them behind!!

I also wanted to show you what the flowers i was handing out on Saturday looked liked...

i was rather taken with this little red one!! I'm going to be out on the high street again this Saturday but we are going to try it with cupcakes instead!

Righto'...I'm off to read a magazine and enjoy a cup of rosie lee


Saturday, 22 August 2009

Just a Little One!

Hello guys. i hope your all ok. i thought i had better pop in and let you know whats been going on in my buttony world at the moment!! i had a bit of a rubbish day yesterday, Friday's are my days in the shop (el does Thursday's and we do Saturday's). There are two sewing machines at the shop; both of them are pretty old (and if I'm honest in need of a good service!) but they normally chunter along quite well. However they both just flat out refused to do ANYTHING on Friday! It was soo annoying, i was in such a mood to make lots too and i couldn't!! i lost my cool in the end and quickly jumped into a taxi (now we are on the house we love about 25minute walk from town centre) to get my more modern machine, but by the time i got it too the shop I'd just lost my funk! So i sulked for most of the day, but felt better after a lovely bbq for a friends birthday.
Today on the other hand was wonderful!! El and I had come up with a plan to hand our pretty flowers with flier's for the shop on. I'd tried just giving out flier's the Saturday before but it didn't work at all (people wouldn't take them.) went really well, the people that took the flowers really smiled once they had one which is great (even if they didn't pop into the shop for a peek.) I waited until i had give out all of the flowers, which was about 1 and quarter hours, and then headed back to the shop...i wasn't sure if the flyering had helped at all...but it turns out that it really did! Yep!...for the first time since the opening day we were busy! El and I now have some serious stitching to be doing before next Thursday! It was wonderful, i was really beginning to worry that it wasn't going to work, but after today i feel a bit more hopeful! Even the people who didn't buy anything were happy to browse and everyone said that the shop is amazing! HOW COOL????
Other good news...El and I took a lot more stock to MADE in Cirencester, thinking there would be some left over to pop on the shelves at the shop....but they took it all!!!wohoooo!!
Right, I'm sleepy and my Horlicks is getting cold (yes I'm a 23 year old who would rather stay in drinking hot malty drinks!)
I'm off to a boot fair tomorrow so fingers crossed i will have some delights to show you!!
Sweet Dreams

Thursday, 13 August 2009

A Favour Coupled With A Giveaway...

Hello Lovelies? Hows it going?? (shes says in a pleading voice...)
I thought i would let you know about a giveaway (bribery i wonder??) over at StuffedNonsense. At the shop we run a monthly giveaway, but its been a teensy bit quiet their so we have decided to open it up to followers of the StuffedNonsense blog...(is that the sound of a catch coming??) be in with a chance to win a basket filled with lovely creations all you have to do is subscribe to/become a follower of StuffedNonsense blog by the end of this month (August). Sound fair???
I hope you don't mind me being a tad cheeky and asking you follow my adventure on another blog too but it would help El and I a lot...the more people that know about our lovely shop the better!!
Well, i have to go now...cineworld is calling me out to 5-Cls shift.
Have Fun and Take Care

Sunday, 9 August 2009

I'm Home!!

Hello everyone! I hope that you are all fine and dandy!! I've just got back from a lovely holiday in North Wales with my Mum, Dad, Sister and her boyfriend...unfortunately Arthur couldn't get the time off of work!! We were staying in a camp site near Abergele, in this wonderful specimen of tent!And here is my suite that i stayed in for the week...
The journey was a bit long...although i shouldn't complain, poor old mum and dad had to drive over from King's Lynn in Norfolk!!
We went to lots of lovely places but for me the best place we went to was Bets-y-Coed. This little village, right in the middle of Snowdonia, is BEAUTIFUL! We went there to see a local natural attraction called Swallow Falls...i don't think i need say anything...the pictures speak for themselves.
It was such a beautiful place!We walked back along the river and had soo much fun! Rachel (my sister) nearly lost her shoe in mud, Dean (Rachel's boyfriend) attempted to swim in the river! It was hilarious! and soo pretty. After we had walked back we went to another place (i cant remember the name!) that had an insanely high still functioning aqua duct. It turns out i have a bit of thing for in I'm scared of them! but look how high it was!!! and there was only a little metal fence between me and the very long drop! This picture isn't too good, you can't see the River Dee underneath....because i was too chicken to take my hands off of the railing to take a picture from on the aqua duct (this one is from the safety of actual ground!!)
We also went to great sea side town called Llandudno, it did just what it said on the can!
Along the Promenade (that's my mum in the white top on the right, and my sister just in front of her)
This is taken from the Pier (which i didn't take a picture silly am i!!)
It had some scary clowns...
great vintage coaches...
This little rabbit was carved out of table in a park that Mum and I wondered through, (after we had chickened out of going on a cable car up a big old mountain/hill) there were lots of statues, tables and chairs carved into Alice and Wonderland themes.
I was pretty happy and content with Llandudno...but it got a million times better when i nipped into a charity shop and came out with....(hmmm, can you guess?).... What a surprise!! This tin is very welcome!! the buttons at the shop were getting a bit lower than i would have preferred so these should help to top them up!!
Right, I'm sorry if this post has been a bit picture heavy...I'll be back soon with something craftier! enjoy your Sunday evening peeps!

Monday, 3 August 2009

Swaps and Buttons!!!

I mentioned that my sea side swap parcel from LissyLou arrived the other day. I'm a very lucky lady, when i opened up the box it was in i instantly felt guilty there was LOADS of little presents in it! i hope that Lissylou isn't disappointed with the parcels i sent up....hmmmm.I love the little beach hut fridge magnet. There was also some chocolate shells (i haven't eaten them all yet) and a cute wooden heart with a beach hut on which is hanging up in the downstairs bathroom. Thank you Lissylou, it really cheered me up after a slow day at the shop.
My mum, dad and sister are here at the moment. we're going camping in whales tomorrow for a week, and as they live along way away in Norfolk they've split up the journey by staying over here for the night (its great to see them AND it saves me the train fair to Wales!!) Mum brought me a goody bag filled with buttony goodness yummy yummy...
The picture is a bit dark here (the light was just going) but there are some great shapes and most of them are in lovely pastel shades. thanks mum!!!
Right, I've got packing to do and shop emails to write! I'll make sure i take my camera with me tomorrow so i can entertain with you pictures when i return!(aren't you lucky!)...I'll be back in a week!

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Selling In Our Shop...Anyone??

Hello!!! What is this wonderful thing called 'A Sunday Off??' I've heard of them...but can't remember the last time i experienced one!! hehehehe.
Thanks for your comments about the badges at the 'charming' people who visited the shop!! It was a quiet week at the shop, we had a few custom orders to do (which the customers loved...thank you to Jack, Lynne and Alix for coming to us!!) but apart from that foot fall was a bit low!! i got a bit mopey about it yesterday...i don't think it was helped by this...
The British weather is being quite charming at the moment isn't it!? Don't worry tho', I'm out of my funk now and back on the ball. El and I (and Arthur too!) have come up with a big plan for a secret event in the next few weeks so watch this space!
I wanted to put a proposition to all of you lovely bloggers out there. El and I want StuffedNonsense to be haven for local craftsters (is that too cheesy?). we want our shop to be place people come to soak up the atmosphere of hand made things, we also want the shop to be a place for sellers to sell the wares from. you dont have to be local, but we we were wondering if any of you would be interested in selling some of lovely items in store. we won't work on commission instead (depending on the size and cost of your items) we are going to ask for a monthly 'rent' type payment. meaning that the money made from your items selling will ALL go to you. Anyway..that's the bare bones of it, i don't want to put loads of details up here in case no one fancies it and then you would have all been bored to if you want more info please leave a comment or email us at (hope that wasn't too brain numbing for you!!)
The quest for Bulk Buttons goes on...I've asked around some craft forums but nothing has come up yet. so if any of you know where i can buy bulk plastic buttons from pretty please could you let me know? i know that people spend a long time and a lot of effort finding and maintaining their suppliers, but this is proving to be one high hurdle to jump over!!
Righto, I'm off to play with a new note book i got today. Have a Happy Sunday!!
P.S. my sea side swap arrived the other day!! I'll post some pictures tomorrow but id just like to say a big THANK YOU to lissylou!! it was a great parcel to receive in the post!!