Monday, 24 August 2009

After All Of Those Words...

I thought i had better give you some pictures!!...
I've had such a fantastic day today so far. recently its been a bit tough to see Arth around the house, as i start work he's finishing so we've just been passing each other on by! but today he isn't working and I'm not in until 4 so we've had a lovely morning and afternoon together!
We wondered into town earlier on and popped into a paint shop to get some colour cards (we're in the process of decorating the bedroom)...lots of lovely colours to choose from!!! we are going to go for (or something very similar) the green one second one in from the left, on from the bottom (its got writing on it) we're going to put it on one wall, which will be the one where the bed goes, and we have grand plans for a cool tree/branch silhouette picture on it too. i also picked up the yellow ones and some pinky ones for the craft room. how exciting!!

We stopped of for a coffee too....mmmmmmm

There's no way i could drink anything as strong as Arth's coffee!!, I'm a wuss when it comes to caffeine and coffee (i wasn't allowed it for quite a while when i was a kid, i had terrible migraines and the banned me from eating and drinking 'trigger foods' like caffeine, cheese,nuts, chocolate etc etc) i just thought that the crema (hey check me out showing of my coffee republic training!hehehehe) look very pretty.

i mentioned i was going to the boot fair yesterday, well i did....but the pickings were slim! i did find this rather lovely pair tho'...They are salt and pepper pots! how cute! i also found the interesting peach coloured buttons and some nice grey shell ones. i did find some other nice buttons but the lady wanted 50p each for them...I'm not tight but i thought that was a bit too much so i left them behind!!

I also wanted to show you what the flowers i was handing out on Saturday looked liked...

i was rather taken with this little red one!! I'm going to be out on the high street again this Saturday but we are going to try it with cupcakes instead!

Righto'...I'm off to read a magazine and enjoy a cup of rosie lee



  1. I totally love those flowers:) Hope this Saturday is great.

  2. Yay lovely pictures and good boot fair finds. Glad to hear your flower girl work paid off. I would definitley visit anywhere that offered me free flowers or cupcakes!!
    I'll try to pop in to see you fri or sat. xx

  3. I really enjoy decorating. Great colour choice; it will go brillianly with a silhouette (coincidentally I'm due to do a post soon of how much I love silhouette's on colour!).
    Those peach buttons are well funky. x

  4. I love the birds r u going to use them? They're really sweet. I love decorating it's so exciting, the green looks a lovely colour. Fliss xx

  5. Hello, I wanted to leave you a comment because you have such a wonderful blog. I've been really absorbed reading your creative posts and you have beautiful pictures as well - and a perfect header shot. Thank you for sharing them all and best wishes... have a great weekend (well, what's left of it !)