Saturday, 28 February 2009

A Little Bit More News

Evening All!
The gig last night was much fun, after the bands had finished we went to an awesome bar called font. it had the most amazing decorations inside..the wall by above the bar was covered in decoupaged black and white butterflies!! It looked lovely!! i couldn't take any pictures because my camera was being rubbish bad.
What i really wanted to post about was to tell you guys that Ive opened up a blog for the craft fair it is .
I'm going to try and post pictures of the venue on Monday (next day off) and also when people confirm I'm hoping to post pictures of the sellers stuff.
Hmmmm, well that's it really....Ive just gorged on pizza and chips...yummy yummy yummy (i love Saturday dinners)
Speak To you Soon

Friday, 27 February 2009

Pretty Buttons But Ugly Apprehensions.

Bonjor everyone? How have you been?? i heard through the blogging grape vine that no one can comment on my blog because the letter verification thingy wouldn't load. Ive taken it off for now, i figured I'm going to give it a few days...I'm a bit scared about the spam thing tho'.

Well Ive (and El actually) have been busy doing stuff for our craft fair....the other day we made these cute little sets...Alison told me that they sold very well at her school so we made some more...

There great fun to make because i just get to indulge in my button obsession. i also finished off these yesterday...the peculiar pictures because i don't want to give everything away....(they are mothers day presents....shhhhhhh.)

I'm not sure about the top two...i had to hand stitch some of the lining and I'm not the neatest hand stitcher. And I'm kind of worried about the button brooch (its for my mum and I'm pretty sure she doesn't look here...that's why the picture isn't as cryptic) i wanted one of those humongous safety pins...the ones with a funny folded bit at the end (like nappy pins but instead of the plastic bit on the ended its folded into a similar shape...eurgh i CAN NOT describe it) anyway i couldn't find one so went for the biggest safety pin i could find...but I'm worried it just looks like some buttons on a safety pin.

Feeling like this about the stuff Ive been making recently,which is stooooopid. i think its because take up on the craft fair has been slow, a few people have been in touch but they are unable to make it....but said they would defiantly be interested if i do others. so its not a failure, I'm just being silly.

Right I'm off to make a bag for me. I'm going to Manchester this eve to watch a gig and stay with some friends and i want a little over the shoulder bag to keep my purse and phone safe.

Take Care Lovelies


P.S. heres the finished bag....hope it stands up the of the bands is pretty scared of being squashed hehehehe.

made from a recycled tartan skirt, it goes over the shoulder and fastens with two chunky buttons from the ever increasing collection.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Phew!! i need a cuppa after these!!

I had an awesome day yesterday (warning!!! over load on cheerfulness!!)
i found a skirt and some trousers for 2 pounds, i got them because the fabric is great for the new style coin purses I'm doing. I made myself a cute little coin purse. These two things were cool enough. BUT then i went into work and a friend from work had brought me in the BIGGEST TIN OF BUTTONS EVER!! and also a HUGE bag full of fabric for Stuffed Nonsense!!! THEN two of my other pals from work came in and brought me and arth three cookies from Ben's Cookies in Bath. If any of you have ever been to bath and not been to this place then i strongly recommend you go next time. the cookies are like little drops of heaven!!!!
Here are the buttons before they went into jars...i now have no space left in my jars and need more as well!!!!

Check out the lovely pile of orange buttons....and the Ben's cookies box.
Ive just finished 3 more coin purse too...whenever I'm doing a sale i try to do things in batches of 5 so these three make 5. i like them all i think but my favorite is the pink and grey one.

I really enjoy picking out the buttons to attach to the zips...the hounds tooth button was just meant to be i guess!! more great thing happened yesterday. Arthurs mum took some of my jewellery to her school as she always gets comments about the pieces she wears...and i sold lots and lots of it!!!! Wonderful.

Right I've got an annoying shift at work today...stuck right in the middle of the day at half 2!! I'm going to go get some lunch.

See you Soon


Monday, 23 February 2009


I've finally stopped procrastinating about it and have booked the Strand on the 25th of April.
"Whys that?" i hear you going to organise a craft fair there. They have abig function room upstairs (Ive done previous sales there by myself.) I want to do a fair with other people but couldn't find anything in Cheltenham (well, there was one but they didn't get back to me...sob sob sob) So that's it really, Ive taken the matter into my own hands and I'm going to organise one myself.
I guess the next logical step would be to find out who is interested in doing the sale. and to find that out it would probably help if i gave you some information about the strand and where it is.
Its almost in the town centre so it is very easy to get to. there is a car park just opposite it which helps a lot for transport. The Strand itself is a lovely little pub...don't judge it by that fact. it has two function rooms which are free to hire out (meaning no charge for the stalls.). Ive gone for the bigger one. it also has quite a few people who go there for lunch on Saturdays so admissions to the fair are more or less guaranteed. i reckon there's enough space for 8 maybe 9 stalls (as in normal sized tables)
i want to get an even mix of products (i.e. not 6 jewellery stalls and 2 bag stalls for example) Based on this fact i may not be able to accept every applicant (that's if there are any at all!!!)
i want people to know that you don't need to have any previous experience to do this, Ive done two by myself selling just my own stuff. if i can do it anyone can!! Perhaps your a creative blogger looking to put your lovely handmade items out there? Maybe you're a seasoned craft fair goer and fancy doing one in Cheltenham? either way please email me at
Phew...i hope i wasn't talking to myself there.
(oh...I'll wait and see what feedback i get from this then i'll post some pics of the Strand up etc etc.)
Thanks Chickens

Sunday, 22 February 2009

What Is This Fabled Day Off??

That's right!! BOTH Arthur and I have today off.....a cinema at all!!!! Its been great so far!! Opened up a few of the windows because the flat is foisty from the winter. we have big sash windows which don't really fit into the window holes to well so over winter we huddled up and batten downed the hatches, but that meant the flat got no fresh air for a few months....soo its really good to have that freshened up smell you get when you open up the windows....lovely.

I'm sat on the sofa looking out of our window at this massive holly tree we have in our back yard. i like doing this and watching out for the little birds we get....lots of small pretty ones. i know i have moaned about our flat quite a lot previously but its still a lovely little place. its definitely nicer to live in during the spring and summer.

I was determined to make some lovelies today and i think i succeeded. Ive had a pair of tweedy type fabric trousers upstairs in the airing cupboard for ages, i like them but the shape is all wrong, so i cut them up today!!!GASP!!! and made these......

I Think my favorite is the brown and beige dotty one, it has a better shape. The yellow one is slightly more square shaped. But the fabric is soo cute on it...(if slightly crazy.) Both of the purses have a really cute co-ordinated button pull on the zip. After i finished them you would have heard this conversation...

Me: I'm sure i can keep one of these purses. Arth: Really? Me:Yep i need a new one anyway... Arth: you have about twenty purses upstairs Me: no i don't. Arth: yep I'm pretty sure you do Me: Not twenty more like ten. So on and so on.

Right, I'm going to pop those babies up on folksy (as i went upstairs and counted....there were twenty so no excuses) Ohhh, talking on the folksy front....i sold another thing on my shop and me and el sold our first stuffed nonsense creation!!! (round of applause please!!) I also figured out how to get the little folksy button, its there on the left!

We are having a pancake party tonight too, all of pals are working on pancake day so we are going to do it tonight instead.PANCAKES WOHOOOOOO!!!

Take care my little munchkins


Friday, 20 February 2009

What is this....blogging???

Hi everyone!!! I'm still alive, just been horrible busy at work because it is half term. i don't think that it has been quiet on anyone of my shifts this week!!!
Arthurs folks came round yesterday. it was lovely to see them without having to rush off quickly for work, although i had to go at 4 i still saw them for a long while. Arthurs baby sis liked her present i think, which is always good.
The other day El and i had another sewing night for stuffed nonsense and we made these....

At the top you have Stripey Phillip a lovely little fleecy creation from El's fair hands.

I spent the night making the miniature dust bunnies, I'm quite attached to these and they are a great way to use up the fabric scraps i get from the scrap bags which i have an addiction to. The spotty one on the end has metal in his ears so they are bendy. I've decided to change the dust bunnies story....Have you ever wondered what happens to dust after you have wiped it away? It becomes Dust Bunnies!! Shy little creatures who spend their time hiding in nooks and crannies watching how humans live their lives.

Other than that m'dears I've not had a chance to do anything crafty...I've got a few more bunnies to sew up today, i will pop them up tomorrow.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009


Fresh off of the press today!! I've just finished arthurs sisters present, i pretty happy with it, it looks lots better now that the birds are on it.
Just a short post today, I've got work very soon. would have posted more but I've spent the last half hour registering some more bits on folksy. a brooch,2 pairs of earrings and a bracelet. PHEW!!!
Right now i really have to go to work!!!

Monday, 16 February 2009

Sleepy Eyes.

Evening everyone. Soooo I've got something important to say....yesterday, after i moaned to you poor people about not selling anything on folksy....I SOLD SOMETHING!!! i sold the red set of gift tags which had been up on folksy for about 4 hours!! and the angry and happy cloud clips which had been up there a while!!! i was so happy to check my emails when i got back from work that i actually did a little dance.....just a little one!!

So today i packed the order up with a few extras. i thought id add the extras because when i read other blogs and people get parcels on them with little extras i always thought that it looks soo nice. and as the lady that had ordered from me was the first i added an extra set of button clips. i hope she doesn't think its strange.

I'm so happy for crafty types like me and people that read this blog that we are able to sell our wares so easily on the Internet, its good that if people are thinking of starting their own business they can do so without the overhead of a shop to pay for. i still really really really want a shop but that's going to take at least a million years!!!!

Anyway, back to the point!!! i started this today, its a wall hanging for Arthur's baby sister.

Ive just got the last strip in the middle which will have bright birds going down it. i was a bit worried it was a bit too girly but arth says its fine so all is OK.

on another note, I'm seriously going to look at organising a craft fair in cheltenham. if you are interested please leave a comment with your email and Ill get in touch. even if you don't normally comment or think that the items you make are no good, drop me an email and we will have a chat....if you want. ohh, the fair will probably be in Cheltenham as well.

Right, I'm going to doze for a bit, i got a head ache today so i took some painkillers but they've completely zoned me out.

no xx's today only zzzzzzzzzzz's

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Why do you have to work on Sundays??

Hello everyone! hope your OK and not too down trodden by England's defeat and the rugby. Ive been reliably informed that the referee was a bit rubbish and that we should have one, after all we scored 3 tries and Wales scored none!!

Well, after i had posted about the gift tags last night, i might have gone on a bit of binge and made another 4 sets....whoops. something just kind of clicked with them, i figured i was enjoying so i might as well carry on. Ive put them all up on folksy now.
i really hope they sell. I'm feeling a bit bummed about my stuff on the net. i knew that it wasn't going to be instant gratification with it but after doing my own sales which always seem to go well i thought i would have at least sold something by now. its a bit depressing because i pretty much 100% sure i don't want to do my masters anymore and instead want to run my own business selling items i have made and to also have a space where other people can come and make and learn how to make knew things.....but that's going to be a loooooonnnngggg time happening.

Ohh dear, sorry about that.

Ive got another thought rolling about in my head at the mo. i want to do another sale for sure but id like to do one with other folks. now there may be an option to do this in Easter, I'm waiting to hear back, BUT if this doesn't happen i was contemplating organising one myself. Is there anyone that reads this blog who might be interested in partaking in this?? Anyone local or anyone i said....just an idea.

Right m'dears....i think i can fit in another cup of tea before work (hope there's no sick today!)

Saturday, 14 February 2009

More gift tags....i'm bored.

Hi everyone! how are you doing?
I finished work at half four today, it was a rubbish bust shift and i had to clean up sick....yuck. It always happens on a Saturday, we have Movies 4 Juniors and kids can come in and see certain films for a pound, but they eat lots of sweets and popcorn and fizzy pop so they throw up everywhere. Arth's out watching the rugger and I'm bored. So i made these...

More gift tags, but with old stamps instead. i seem to have developed quite a collection of old stamps from different countries. i use them on my price tags when i do sales. Well i was sifting through them the other day and thought they'd look good as gift tags too. i think i like the fabric ones more but these are still good. also instead of hand writing on the back i printed off some little To...From... thingys and stuck them on.

i reckon I'm going to make some more and stick them on my folksy shop, maybe tomorrow...i don't start until 5.

Well, i think I'm going to put a pizza in the oven (Saturday night food, dont'cha just love it!!!)

See you soon my little pigeons


Friday, 13 February 2009

A Lovely Award.

Pixedust has just given me an award....The lemonade award is for showing great attitude and/or gratitude. Its lovely isn't it?
The Rules
Put the logo on your blog, nominate at least 10 blogs, which show great attitude and/or gratitude. Be sure to link to your nominees within your post. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
Share the love and link to this post, and/or to the person from whom you received your award.
Right....Ten blogs
Kim at
Shabby Chick at
Debby at
Kirsty at
Lynn at
Lisa at
Jo at
Nicky at

Well, im sorry to say that all of the other blogs i follow are overseas so im not sure about the rules for them. So im going to wuss out at 8. Also can anyone tell me how to put up links on my blog, at the mo i type in all the blog adresses but i dont know how to do it so i can type the names and then you guys click on it and it takes you to the blog. make sense??

Ive just finished these aswell, i had the idea for them floating around in my head but had to wait for my delayed parcel to arrive, well it arrived yesterday and i finished these today...

A set of four gift tags, decorated with amybutler fabric and buttons. I brought two scrap bags from (an amybutler one and a Japanese fabric one.) you get about a fat quarters worth of fabric all together. they are great for little projects like this and they only cost 2.50!!What do you think??

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Busy Little Bees.

Afternoon Everyone! How are you??

Me and El have just finished another sewing session and we are pleased to welcome into the world.....

On the left Hermes , in the middle Physchodelic Dust Bunny,and on the left Colin. We've posted up a little bit of their stories so feel free to have a look over at (if you want that is!)
Well, highs and low today. High, made great things and fabric order finally came. Low, eurgh landlord came for rent and council tax. im going ot have nooooooo pennies left!!!!
Right im of to have a drink!!
Take Care m'dears.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Sew Sew Sew, Stitch Stitch Stitch!!

Hello there!!
I popped over to Alix's' house last night, she wanted me to make a present for her friends birthday so i went over with some pictures and she chose one that looked like this but was made from beige and purple fabric. she said her friend preferred blue so this is the outcome. i hope that its OK for her!!
I used the last bit of the thick navy cord i got from Arthur's grandparents and a bit of the alphabet sheet i found. i think that the bag will get used to carry books and stuff because Alix's friend teaches....sooooo...i put a big pocket inside and a smaller one divided up so that pens can fit in...
it went quite well but took me longer than i expected. i wanted to make some more earrings today but I'm not sure i have time!!! Ive got to go to rubbish work!! (one day I'll be rich and wont have to go to the cinema apart from to watch films!!!)
I'll Be Back Soon!

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Second Post in One Day, But These Pictures Came Out O.K.

So....i thought i would have a go on the camera despite it being dark and they came out O.K. so Ive decided to put them up for approval. What do you guys think?? I think that my favorite ones are the green ones at the top, the colors seem to go really well.
And just because i took a picture of these are all of the packages so far to send up to Alison (i really like the envelopes i made for these, Ive had the paper lying around for ages so its good to finally use it!)
Right....that really is it!!!
Night Night

My Fingers Hurt But I'm Proud!

Hi everyone! thanks for the comments about the buttons, I'm loathe to use them so at the moment i just keep getting them out every now and then to look at them!!

We had Coco and Croissants for breakfast bowls. it was yummy and warmed me up because it was cold outside...and inside (surprise surprise)
Then i played about with some wire, buttons and ear ring pieces and made three lovely pairs of earrings, here i am making them (please excuse my bad hair!)
By the time i had finished it was a bit dark and i want to put good pictures up so you properly see what they look like, so i didn't bother taking any pictures. I'm going to put some of the earrings up in folksy and send some to Alison's school, so watch this space.
Right...I'm off to buy some sausages (I'm hungry!!)
Take Care Everyone

Monday, 9 February 2009

I'm still alive (just) after the weekend!!

Thanks for the well wishes for a good weekend, they worked because the weekend was ace. it was so lovely to see Amy and lots of good things happened when she was here 1) Amy was here so that was good 2) i found 20 pounds in the street 3)i brought a pretty dress with the money 4) i found two massive jars of old buttons in a charity shop for 5 pounds (but was too excited about them to take a picture before i sorted them into my collection) 5) El's party on Saturday was amazing i had sooo much fun!!! on the down side.....i drank far far far far too much on Saturday and as a result couldn't move at all yesterday (and i mean at all!!) but ho hum!!!

I had some more button luck this morning when i wondered into a charity shop before work a bag of real old buttons still on the original cards. LOOK!!
including these three beauties!! the burgundy ones at the bottom are glass and they say made in Czechoslovakia so that shows their age, the ones on the far left are shell ones and have a lovely backing card and the ones on the left are cute little flower ones in a coral colour!!
i couldn't believe my luck!!
Right I'm off to eat curry (its a joy to be able to eat again after Sunday!!) I'll post a more crafty post tomorrow!!
Take Care
P.S. (Lady Vanishes is on at cineworld tonight!!! lovely Monday classic!)

Thursday, 5 February 2009

I Can Hear the Weekend Calling From Here!!!

So no surprise......MORE SNOW!!! It really does look lovely here in Cheltenham, snow everywhere and more due to fall as well. Which is good but it means that Amy's train journey here could be cancelled or at the least delayed, so she has jumped on an earlier train to deal with the delays! But fingers crossed she will be here about half two!! I'm sooooo excited to see her and to have some time off!!

I walked into town early today so that i could get a few bits and pieces for tea tonight and also a duvet for Amy to use because it gets bloody freezing in our flat ( we have 3 duvets on our bed upstairs.....3!!!) On my way into town i found this little fella on a wall.

I like his wonky smile and antenna's.

Well im off to go and play with some buttons in my newly arranged sewing corner...i tried to take pictures but the camera didn't want to play.

Be Back Soon


Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Hello Brian.

Psssstttt....i'll tell you a secret....i'll have to whisper though....theres a lodger in our house...hes called Brian and hes a retired dragon.I made Brian for a swap i organised with a friend at work, he draws these fantastically detailed pictures and i asked him if he would swap me a postcard sized one for one of my monsters and he kindly said welcome to the world Brian. Hes a retired dragon who's wings don't work anymore and who's hobbies include bird watching, eating cheese and crackers and falling asleep to ELO or the Squeeze.

i really enjoy doing stuff like this, although my technical abilities aren't amazing, and so i cant make 3D monsters, i love to come up with the expressions on their faces and dreaming up their stories. i hope chris likes him.

Well...the buttons are calling

P.S im going to take this chance to shamlessly plug mine and el's little buisness. Stuffed Nonsense, born out of our frustration from working in the cinema and not being able to the creative jobs which we day dream about doing, has offically opened its doors. Check out our blog at, there you will find the first two items we have put up for sale, we decided to stick them on my folksy shop so we can see how they go on the internet. What do you think?

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Brrrr (again)

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend and none of you suffered from frost bite!! i was really lucky yesterday, it was my first day off in a while and (just like everywhere else) it snowed non stop!!!i can normally take or leave snow...i think it looks pretty and everything but i hate being cold (i think I'm in some way related to a takes me ages to heat up and the slightest decrease in temperature and I'm shivering!) Anyway...i really really enjoyed all of the snow!! in the morning Arthur and i went to the art gallery in the morning to look at some print works they had on display. i think my favorite ones were by Lucy Orchard she had a collection called the Chronicles of Eliza Rowles VIII

After the gallery we came home and made carrot and coriander soup, which was yummy but i ate it too quick and forgot to take a picture.

THEN i made some gift envelopes for the jewellery i have been making to send up to Alison's school (Arthur's mum) She has brought lots of bits from me and she says that everyone at her school likes them and she kindly offered to sell some for me. The envelopes went really well and I'm really pleased with them, i don't do too much with paper normally so i was quite surprised when they came out well.

To finish the day off we went to a lovely pub in Cheltenham called the Beehive where i probably (....definitely) drank too much and had drunken snow ball fights on the way home!

What a wonderful day off!!

Only two more days of work then I've got 4 WHOLE DAYS OFF!!! that's right, my best pal is coming up from Manchester and i cant wait!!!

Thanks for the button pictures!!

Take Care


Sunday, 1 February 2009


As the name on my blog probably suggests i like buttons lots. I thought id put up some pictures of my collection because I had them out today as I'm making some jewellery out of them.Buttons on a plate.
Buttons in a yellow tray.
Buttons in a clear tray.
Buttons in jars.
I've was thinking that it was fun to see every ones pictures of their crockery after kirstyfish asked people to put pictures up sooooo.....does anyone fancy putting pictures up of their buttons??its just a bit of fun!!!!
Right I'm off to play with them some more!!!!
I hope everyone has had a good weekend so far.