Monday, 23 February 2009


I've finally stopped procrastinating about it and have booked the Strand on the 25th of April.
"Whys that?" i hear you going to organise a craft fair there. They have abig function room upstairs (Ive done previous sales there by myself.) I want to do a fair with other people but couldn't find anything in Cheltenham (well, there was one but they didn't get back to me...sob sob sob) So that's it really, Ive taken the matter into my own hands and I'm going to organise one myself.
I guess the next logical step would be to find out who is interested in doing the sale. and to find that out it would probably help if i gave you some information about the strand and where it is.
Its almost in the town centre so it is very easy to get to. there is a car park just opposite it which helps a lot for transport. The Strand itself is a lovely little pub...don't judge it by that fact. it has two function rooms which are free to hire out (meaning no charge for the stalls.). Ive gone for the bigger one. it also has quite a few people who go there for lunch on Saturdays so admissions to the fair are more or less guaranteed. i reckon there's enough space for 8 maybe 9 stalls (as in normal sized tables)
i want to get an even mix of products (i.e. not 6 jewellery stalls and 2 bag stalls for example) Based on this fact i may not be able to accept every applicant (that's if there are any at all!!!)
i want people to know that you don't need to have any previous experience to do this, Ive done two by myself selling just my own stuff. if i can do it anyone can!! Perhaps your a creative blogger looking to put your lovely handmade items out there? Maybe you're a seasoned craft fair goer and fancy doing one in Cheltenham? either way please email me at
Phew...i hope i wasn't talking to myself there.
(oh...I'll wait and see what feedback i get from this then i'll post some pics of the Strand up etc etc.)
Thanks Chickens

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  1. Gosh, big steps. I will tell my friend Jenny, the woodworker.