Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Brrrr (again)

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend and none of you suffered from frost bite!! i was really lucky yesterday, it was my first day off in a while and (just like everywhere else) it snowed non stop!!!i can normally take or leave snow...i think it looks pretty and everything but i hate being cold (i think I'm in some way related to a lizard...it takes me ages to heat up and the slightest decrease in temperature and I'm shivering!) Anyway...i really really enjoyed all of the snow!! in the morning Arthur and i went to the art gallery in the morning to look at some print works they had on display. i think my favorite ones were by Lucy Orchard she had a collection called the Chronicles of Eliza Rowles VIII


After the gallery we came home and made carrot and coriander soup, which was yummy but i ate it too quick and forgot to take a picture.

THEN i made some gift envelopes for the jewellery i have been making to send up to Alison's school (Arthur's mum) She has brought lots of bits from me and she says that everyone at her school likes them and she kindly offered to sell some for me. The envelopes went really well and I'm really pleased with them, i don't do too much with paper normally so i was quite surprised when they came out well.

To finish the day off we went to a lovely pub in Cheltenham called the Beehive where i probably (....definitely) drank too much and had drunken snow ball fights on the way home!

What a wonderful day off!!

Only two more days of work then I've got 4 WHOLE DAYS OFF!!! that's right, my best pal is coming up from Manchester and i cant wait!!!

Thanks for the button pictures!!

Take Care



  1. What a fab day off. I hope you enjoy your weekend with your pal. xxx

  2. Sounds like a lovely day, I like the idea of drunken snowball fights!!!

    Hope you find somewhere fab to move to, Mel xxx

  3. We had such fun at school in the snow. Yesterday people were driving past with enormous smiles on their faces as they watched two classes play snowball fights onthe common. Today it was heartwarming to see a whole school of children with shiny happy faces as they played in the snow. Wow! It doesnt get much better.

  4. Me again! Forgot to say, sorry I didn't take a pic of my buttons for you (only two teeny jars though!) but if you look at Ali's gorgeous blog http://bettyandviolet.blogspot.com/ she has a lovely collection.

    Mel xxx

  5. I am planning on doing button phots later in the week.