Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Second Post in One Day, But These Pictures Came Out O.K.

So....i thought i would have a go on the camera despite it being dark and they came out O.K. so Ive decided to put them up for approval. What do you guys think?? I think that my favorite ones are the green ones at the top, the colors seem to go really well.
And just because i took a picture of these too....here are all of the packages so far to send up to Alison (i really like the envelopes i made for these, Ive had the paper lying around for ages so its good to finally use it!)
Right....that really is it!!!
Night Night


  1. I love the envelopes - they look so pretty. it makes all the difference to have such lovely packaging. keep warm! bethx

  2. Oh that all looks so good! Well done Bex :) Sometimes the odd second post has to be done I think!

    Mel xxx

  3. Love the packaging and the earings are very good.