Friday, 27 February 2009

Pretty Buttons But Ugly Apprehensions.

Bonjor everyone? How have you been?? i heard through the blogging grape vine that no one can comment on my blog because the letter verification thingy wouldn't load. Ive taken it off for now, i figured I'm going to give it a few days...I'm a bit scared about the spam thing tho'.

Well Ive (and El actually) have been busy doing stuff for our craft fair....the other day we made these cute little sets...Alison told me that they sold very well at her school so we made some more...

There great fun to make because i just get to indulge in my button obsession. i also finished off these yesterday...the peculiar pictures because i don't want to give everything away....(they are mothers day presents....shhhhhhh.)

I'm not sure about the top two...i had to hand stitch some of the lining and I'm not the neatest hand stitcher. And I'm kind of worried about the button brooch (its for my mum and I'm pretty sure she doesn't look here...that's why the picture isn't as cryptic) i wanted one of those humongous safety pins...the ones with a funny folded bit at the end (like nappy pins but instead of the plastic bit on the ended its folded into a similar shape...eurgh i CAN NOT describe it) anyway i couldn't find one so went for the biggest safety pin i could find...but I'm worried it just looks like some buttons on a safety pin.

Feeling like this about the stuff Ive been making recently,which is stooooopid. i think its because take up on the craft fair has been slow, a few people have been in touch but they are unable to make it....but said they would defiantly be interested if i do others. so its not a failure, I'm just being silly.

Right I'm off to make a bag for me. I'm going to Manchester this eve to watch a gig and stay with some friends and i want a little over the shoulder bag to keep my purse and phone safe.

Take Care Lovelies


P.S. heres the finished bag....hope it stands up the of the bands is pretty scared of being squashed hehehehe.

made from a recycled tartan skirt, it goes over the shoulder and fastens with two chunky buttons from the ever increasing collection.


  1. You need a kilt pin rather than a safety pin. My friend Jen (woodworker)is interseted in your fair but thinks you should charge £5 a stall so you can advertise. I have to remember to give her your email address. Feeling bad about the stuff you make? I think its normal! Fancy meeting up for coffee and I can tell you how much I like your stuff and admire what you are doing? Enjoy your gig.

  2. love the buttons, cant wait to see the bag! Sarah x

  3. Hi Hun, I couldn't comment on your blog either. You could always try blog owner approval if your worried about spam. Love the button brooches. I think the pins your after are called kilt pins or blanket pins, i know the ones you mean. Good luck with the craft fair. xxxx

  4. Hi, like the button brooches, very pretty.
    Hope you enjoyed your gig, the bag is great by the way too.
    I think its normal to feel that way sometimes, we can't always be full of confidence I s'pose.
    Take care.

  5. Yay I can comment again! I did try before and couldn't :(

    Your stuff is lovely, please don't lose heart. Sorry I haven't got back to you about the fair, the one I'm doing here will either be the 4th or 25th of April so it might clash which is why I haven't been in touch yet because I don't want to say yes and then let you down.

    Mel xxx