Saturday, 24 October 2009

Sorry Sorry Sorry

Sorry i have been absent from bexsbuttons. T
he shop is getting busier every week and im not sure how much i will be able to post here...especially with Christmas coming up; StuffedNonsense needs regular stock, the shop in Cirencester will want some more stock before the proper festive season AND StuffedNonsense has been accepted to do a craft fair in Bristol on the 12th of December...PHEW! Its brilliant and i'm not complaining at all...just wanted to let you guys now that i do still exist.
Hey!'s a thought...if you want to catch up on on StuffedNonsense a bit more ( least once a week anyways!)
Anyways...see you soon??

Monday, 5 October 2009

Recent Thirfty Finds...

Hello all!! i hope that you are super fine and dandy! Ive had a few good finds at the charity shops recently and Ive been meaning to let you all know about it! Times a little bit short at the moment...because of the shop it turns out that i only get one day off a week where I'm not at the cinema or the I'm afraid I've had to keep putting this back!
Onto the main topic of conversation! Bargains of the vintage kind!!!
First up we have some very very pretty china found for 50p each!!Such a cute little cup...I'm pretty sure that the plate i brought to match isn't a saucer but its close enough for me!

And two equally cute cake plates. i've been looking for some for ages (for a cake themed project i have in my head!)...i think that these two were worth the wait.

The next one is new today!!

No No No...your eyes are not deceiving you...this lovely find was only 35p! its one of those wooden block games where you have to make the different parts of the picture match up.

AND its still had instructions!

I think the picture are great and they kind of remind me of some of Richard Scarry's illustrations (who i love!)

This is probably callede saving the best until last... This suitcase! i have had this for a while has such a great story behind it. you see the RAF tag on the front? well the main i got this from had just left the forces. this was the suitcase he was given when he first joined... the date and the name of the ship he was on are written on the front, as well as a few other doodles. It sounds silly but i feel like i have a little bit of history there! Do you want to know the best bit?....
It was free!!! i saw it outside of a rubbish bin on my way into work...i walked pass then did a double i cautiously stepped a bit further towards the bin the man came out of his front door and i started to walk away! it thought i was going to shout at me!! instead he called me back and told me if i wanted it was mine!! my grandad (an eternal skip hunter and bargain spotter should be proud!)
Well...that's all for this week. its looking like I'm only going to get the chance to do one post a week so I'll save up all the lovely bits of the week and give to you when i can! deal?
Righto...dinners nearly done!
Take Care!