Wednesday, 17 February 2010

A Friend From Across the Sea...

We've had a visitor staying for the past few days...Arthurs baby sister came to stay with us during some of the half term. As a little present for her (its her birthday next week) I secretly made this little creation...Please excuse the rather dark picture, but I had to make her once the little lady had gone to bed. I like looking at the first sketch of something and then the real thing, this one turned out allright.A little embroidered face.She was gratefully received! The little rabbit is called Lopsy Lapin, and as I type this she is employed in a complicated game of hide and seek. I was going to call her lopsided lapin but its been abbreviated to lopsy...which i think is better. Might make some more of these for the shop...

We went to Cirencester yesterday, they have a good museum which we thought that the sister would like to go to. I wanted to go too because there was an exhibition of this ladies work there...I really enjoyed it and brought lots of her post cards because there's no way my bank balance could afford an original...but i can keep dreaming! Why not take a peek, it really is lovely work.The postcards have been stuck straight up on my sewing wall. My favorite is the lion one.(please don't look at the nostalgic picture of me and my sister in the bath! got to love the colour of the bath tub!)

Speaking of art, I've mentioned my friend Chris Rixon before, he drew me the Bex's Button picture...well he drew some birds recently and as i love birds and have grand plans for a 'Wall of Birds' (when i finally get around to decorating my bit of space...its going to be a wall of pictures of birds, all in brightly coloured frames, and the wall they hang on is going to be either a pale blue or pale yellow, so the frames stand out nice and bold.) I asked him if I could purchase two of them, he was really kind and actually gave me two prints! look at them!!!

As you can see, being the highly organised person that I am, I don't have any frames for them yet, but I had to put them up because they are soo wonderful. He uses only drawing pens, which is amazing when you think that that means its all individual lines on the feathers! If you like what you see please check out his website, I bet you wont be disappointed!

Well, I think I've bombarded you enough for one day!

Be back soon.