Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Still upstairs!!!!

Afternoon!!! Yep, that's right..we are still hiding from the cold upstairs..although I still feel pretty cold at the moment!! We had snow in cheltenham last night and I had steamy breath at box office in work!!! Anyway..despite the cold I have struggled on and made this!!! All the jewellery which had felt decoration went down really well at the sale so he res one of the new ones...pretty purple and yellow buttons with a peachy colored stuffed heart and closure with a cute purple button.

Also, i found all of these on etsy today!! I'm going to call it.... Things I would like quite a bit 1)lovey dovey ring by uzumaki (

2)Two for Joy Silver Plated Charm Locket by Adorapop (

3)Mini Wallet Business Card or Gift Card Case . . . CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY Retro Kids buy sew gracious(

Well...that's all for now...I'm making myself feel green with envy at all of these lovely things which i cant afford to buy!!!

Tuesday, 28 October 2008


O.K. downstairs is far to bloody cold so I've moved upstairs to share the heat with the spiders and the HUGE centipede we found in our bath last night!! It was so big I'm actually scared to be in the flat alone!!

Anyways, I said I'd put these up last night but alas my bed was far to appealing.....and warm so I'll put them up now!! I really like the big turquoise buttons I think the brown linen thread goes really well with them. The necklace also has a sturdy screw clasp closure.

Also just finished before I head off to work...a slightly longer brown and yellowy/beige necklace with screw clasp.

Monday, 27 October 2008

Welcome to the world Gethyn!!

Hey!! busy weekend!! Bloody High School Muscial!! But a lovely day off today!! First things first Congratulations to Tanya on Rob on the birth of their lovely little boy Gethyn.

Secondly...feast your eyes on this..another small reversible tote for the doing the bags in batches of 3 so I dont go insane making 20 all at once! More to come today if my day off goes as planned

Friday, 24 October 2008

Today I Made.....

O.K. today's make is this lovely creation...its another reversible tote, on the plain pale blue side there is a lovely little red bird and on the checkered side there is a little flower made up of shell buttons...its quite cute I think. hope you guys like it.

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Look What I Found!!!

Look at these lovely goodies!!! I found them today all in one charity shop...and heres the best bit it all came to £2.55!! I couldn't believe it. I go in this shop quite often because they have nice buttons but when I saw the pins and best off all the moomin plate I was soo happy!! And then to top the day off I found ten pounds on the floor I bought some comics!! BONUS!!

However...and brace yourself for a rant..I did get rather annoyed at someone who I wont name because thats just spiteful. But im just a bit upset because previously this person had frowned upon the fact that I made homemade stuff and generally gave me the impression that it wasn't worth my time or anyone elses. However I saw this person in local shop purchasing stuff to make their own stuff. Which is great im happy for them because making stuff is a great experience. I just feel that she doesn't need to be so mean about my stuff. maybe she was embarassed and couldn't say that she liked mine or what I dont know.....just wish she wasn't so bloody rude!!

Freshly made 5 minutes ago!! A reversible tote bag..I didn't go all out on the decoration just some white and red buttons. Look out for it on Nov 29th.

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Lovely tea before horrible madness!

Its arthurs first shift at the cinema tonight and it is also the opening night of high school musical (eurgggggghhhhhh!!) so as a treat before we went into work we went for tea at the curious cafe. I love this cafe its so lovely there are nooks and crannies every where full of bits and bobs. When I day dream about owning my own cafe this is what I imagine it might look like!!! Its such a lovely walk upto it too, we went through one of cheltenham's numerous parks!!!
Also the buttons I ordered on ebday arrived today...they are nice but I think I was expecting more because the picture had lots on there, never mind!! there are still some nice ones in there as you can see.

Monday, 20 October 2008

Busy Day!!

I don't start work until 5 today so I thought I'd use the time well and made these three lovely coin purses for the sale!! Sorry about the rubbish picture my camera is a bit old!! Anyways I think my favorite one is the polka dot one with the flowers on. Enjoy!!
Oh..I almost forgot I found this really amasing blog today by keri smith..its really great!!

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Tonight's make was....

Heres another coin purse for the sale in November...I think I think i'm happy with it!! The little stick people are cute.

Saturday, 18 October 2008

Congratulations Nick and Lorna!

So, it was a joint celebration last night for Nick and Lorna's engagement party and Alix's birthday. It was a lovely night although i had a tooth ache and went home early!! Before work this morning I made Nick and Lorna an anniversary present...I've been thinking of making these guys for a while. They are just these little doodles I do..its cool to see them in 3d!!!

And heres a picture of a cute purse I made when I got back from work!!Arth had gone to drink whiskey with john so I opened up the recently serviced Berta (I forgot how much I love Her!)

Friday, 17 October 2008

Heres a picture of the gifts I made for Alix's birthday ....I hope she likes them..she should like the purse because she asked for one!!!
Here's a close up of one of the two hair clips...I love this spotty felt..I keep saving it for something special!!

alix's birthday night

tonight we everyone is going out because it was alix's birthday yesterday. i think its going to be a good night, nick and lorna (pals from work are there aswell because they just got engaged and are having a little engagment party) i haven't got alot of money but it should still be fun!!

i've just finished alix's birthday pretty sure she knows what she is getting. i'l post a picture later on but my batteries have run out!!! i also made SPUTNORIA another lovely addition to the sput range of draft excluders..i have to say ot was hard to let her go!!!

any hows work time!! boring!!!

Thursday, 16 October 2008

first blog!

hmm, so this is all pretty new to me, so i guess ill just jump right in. i decided to open up a blog after reading (over and over and over) the crafters companion and also reading
u-handbag.typepad/com. i thought it would be great to have a blog on which i could show people my recent makes and photos and to just find some people to talk to who do similar stuff to me.
ive been making bags, purses and jewelary for around 2 and a half years but its only recently that ive started to take it seriously. i did a sale a month and a half ago and it went fantastically!! so a massive thankyou to everyone who came, it was awesome!! the next ones booked in for november 29th..fell free to come anyone its at the starnd pub in cheltenham (on the highstreet)

the weather is great in cheltenham today, its almost (but not quite) a proper autumn day!! arthur had to leave for work already but i dont start until 11. another day lost to ripping tickets, scooping popcorn and saying "enjoy your film". its not so bad, i think i make it out to be worse than it is. but seriously i couldn't ask for better people to work with its just that its difficult to agree with everything the comapny does.

well i dont think that i have anything else to say for today, so i guess ill be back soon