Thursday, 16 October 2008

first blog!

hmm, so this is all pretty new to me, so i guess ill just jump right in. i decided to open up a blog after reading (over and over and over) the crafters companion and also reading
u-handbag.typepad/com. i thought it would be great to have a blog on which i could show people my recent makes and photos and to just find some people to talk to who do similar stuff to me.
ive been making bags, purses and jewelary for around 2 and a half years but its only recently that ive started to take it seriously. i did a sale a month and a half ago and it went fantastically!! so a massive thankyou to everyone who came, it was awesome!! the next ones booked in for november 29th..fell free to come anyone its at the starnd pub in cheltenham (on the highstreet)

the weather is great in cheltenham today, its almost (but not quite) a proper autumn day!! arthur had to leave for work already but i dont start until 11. another day lost to ripping tickets, scooping popcorn and saying "enjoy your film". its not so bad, i think i make it out to be worse than it is. but seriously i couldn't ask for better people to work with its just that its difficult to agree with everything the comapny does.

well i dont think that i have anything else to say for today, so i guess ill be back soon

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