Thursday, 24 September 2009

Some Secret Sewing...

My younger sister had some rubbish news last weekend. She is in her final year at a Performing Arts and Dance School, but she has just found out that she can not receive any funding for her last year. this is bad bad bad news because mum and dad don't have a huge amount of pennies so Rachel is stuck....unless Rachel and the school she is at can talk some sense into the people who fund her accommodation. I'm not 100% sure of all of the details but i know for a fact shes down in the dumps so i thought a surprise present was in order. sometimes mum and Rachel read my blog so I'll only give you a've always got to put some buttons in it haven't you?!Sleepy time??
I thought i should pop a little something in for my mum and also my nanny (as shes visiting on Sunday)Well...that picture isn't too ambiguous really is it?!
I also listed a load of children's bits and bobs over on StuffedNonsense's folksy shop... a load of bibs like this one...

and also something new we were asked to make by the shop in Cirencester...

We kept a few back for the shop. We've called them 'Dummy Tamers', you attach one end to the dummy (with a press stud) and the other connects to the push chair/pram (with a button and hole)

I found this great looking new magazine called Cloth Magazine, you can find their website here. When pay day arrives tomorrow i think I'm going to order a copy!!

Righto I'm off for a bath and some book...have a nice evening dearies.


Tuesday, 22 September 2009

I went to the charity shop today and...

Came back with a bounty of buttony goodness. i normally pop into the one shop where i found all of these lovelies and i often comeback with a few buttons but yesterday was a real haul!!LOOK....

Some of these are to go to the shop but I'm going to keep a few at home. now the shop is open i don't have any at the house. It was a friends birthday yesterday and a lovely evening was planned, except i got a stupid migraine half way through, but I'm OK now.

Anyways...just thought i would let you in on the buttony goodness.


Saturday, 19 September 2009

Im Really Sorry...

At more poor effort at blog writing...I'm not sure what happened but some how i fell of the blogging bus...anyways...i think I'm back on it now so....
The shops is looking really good at the moment (hope that's not bragging!) It just looks so full and fresh and light...
Our coffee table is looking all lovely and full up at the moment...if you look close you can see the amazing felty creations of Bagladee and the recycled leather key rings of Inkander
This is Steve...welcoming all of our customers as they come up the stairs

Check out El's artwork on the door!! Cool huh?

I've also been making some nice smelling creations with some lavender which my dads friend sent up to me...mmmmmm smells nice...quite Shabby Chick dont'cha think...

Righto...I'm writing this at the shop so i have to return to shop keeping duties...

soon my dears

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Dont Panic!!

Just a quick one (minus pictures I'm afraid) to let you know that I'm still alive...I've been a bit busy unfortunately (or fortunately...which ever way you look at it!!). In the last week i have...
a)watched these films ... (500) Days of Summer and District 9. Both of them were really good, but 500 days of summer blew my mind!!
b)Gotten my hair cut like Zooey Deschanel.
c)accepted,priced and displayed another two suppliers wonderful items in the shop.
d)cut out and sewn 11 bibs
e)been out on the high street bribing the people of Cheltenham to come to the shop with lollipops
f)had an exciting and a little bit secret photo shoot in the shop!
g)AND worked at the cinema!!
O.K. That's it i think....I'm going to hopefully coax my camera to work tomorrow so i can show you some snaps!!
Thanks for hanging in there!!!