Saturday, 19 September 2009

Im Really Sorry...

At more poor effort at blog writing...I'm not sure what happened but some how i fell of the blogging bus...anyways...i think I'm back on it now so....
The shops is looking really good at the moment (hope that's not bragging!) It just looks so full and fresh and light...
Our coffee table is looking all lovely and full up at the moment...if you look close you can see the amazing felty creations of Bagladee and the recycled leather key rings of Inkander
This is Steve...welcoming all of our customers as they come up the stairs

Check out El's artwork on the door!! Cool huh?

I've also been making some nice smelling creations with some lavender which my dads friend sent up to me...mmmmmm smells nice...quite Shabby Chick dont'cha think...

Righto...I'm writing this at the shop so i have to return to shop keeping duties...

soon my dears


  1. Don't be saying sorry; real life is much more important. Great to read a post from you though and that artwork on the door is most groovy. Those hearts are fab and I agree, very 'shabby chic' :) Xx

  2. Oh Yey!!! Its me :D they look fab Bex. Thanks. El's artwork is Awesome!! xx

  3. Love the look of the store :)
    And the door looks really awesome!

  4. The door artwork is great, put it on something saleable!! Glad to hear you are ok and fingers crossed for lots of xmas shoppers for you.

  5. It all looks great, I am loving Steve! Glad all is well. Bx

  6. this all looks gorgeous. i especially love el's artwork!