Tuesday, 28 July 2009

A Bit More With It Now...

Thank you for all of your lovely comments about the shop. Saturday went very well, apart from some visits from some rather peculiar people who didn't 'get' the shop (one lady said "but what does it do?" and "is this it?") everyone loved it. we are open Thursday, Fridays and Saturdays 10-5, so if any of you want to come and say hello, please do!
We hope to sell other peoples handmade wares quite soon too, we are just ironing out the creases with that. so if you think you might be interested then please get in touch!!
I found a new toy (well arth found me new toy) in a charity shop yesterday...so i spent a bit of my evening making...

Badges!! its only a kids badge maker so i can only make one size, but i still managed to get very addicted to making them....

i made some fabric ones...
some Richard Scary ones...
And some comic book ones..
Right, I'm off to work for another delightful 12-10 shift...aren't i lucky?
before i go, i was wondering if any of you lovely ladies know of a place i can buy buttons in bulk? I'm struggling to find anywhere and before long , if the shop goes well, we are going to need some more!!
Have a nice Tuesday!

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Pictures For You...

No words tonight I'm afraid...I'm dead on my feet and on my way to bed all ready...Once more, thank you

Friday, 24 July 2009

Its All Come Around Soo Quickly..

hello ladies, are you all still there? I'm sorry to have been absent from the blogging world...i went away to 2000 trees (the best time EVER!!) and then i had to work loads of hours in the space of 4 days and then i had to get ready for the shop....which opens TOMORROW!!!
Id just like to let anyone who reads this blog know that you are one of the biggest contributors in me and el opening our shop, without the words of encouragement i regularly receive from you guys i would have fallen at the first hurdle. you guys are ace thank you.
i would also like to thank my most fantastic boyfriend Arthur, thank you for listening to me when I'm panicking in the middle of night, thank you for telling me i can do this, and thank you for always believing in me.i owe you more than you could ever no.
Lastly but by no means least, thank you to my mum and dad for giving me the work ethic i have today. i am truly grateful for all they have taught me. Thank you to Alison vfor driving us to IKEA and putting up with el and i taking ages to decide on some bloody shelves, and tghen letting us take over her car in order to fit it all in (i knew those years of playing tetris would pay off!) Also thank you to my friends, Jon for telling us me an El could do it and believing in us, Amy for cataloguing ALL of our stock in one day and for saying from the start 'you can do this'. Thank you to Ben for this most amazing opportunity. Thank you to all of you guys who were there from the start, coming along to the first ever sales we did (Sarah, Alix, Lorna...) thank you to soo many more people who i cant all remember
Right....that's all the rubbish soppy stuff out of the way...
I WOULD LOVE IT if any of you guys could pop over tomorrow and say hi (take a look at what you helped create?) the shop opens at 10 and there is going to be a little tea party throughout the day...lovely cups and saucers, pretty cakes etc etc.
Anyways fingers crossed i dont let you all down!!

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Tea Vicar??

Hello Dearies, how are you all?? I'm getting excited because I'm going off to 2000 trees on Friday!! its a local green music festival, Arthur brought me a ticket for my birthday (yep...he's the best!) i had a bit of panic the other day as i went to buy a tent with my very very limited pennies as i had seen a few cheap ones...and they looked a bit more waterproof then our little one we have at the moment...but EVERYWHERE was sold out (of the cheap ones anyway!!) but I've calmed down now and have put our current tent up to air it out, fingers crossed it will rain tonight and i can check its waterproof in the morning!!! Ohh dear, you still there? Ive just realised Ive written a load of trollop on not buying a tent...ohh well!!
I did make three tea cup pin cushions when i got back from work (eurgh...the first day of Potter madness). They are for the shop which is good because it gives me an excuse to buy pretty cups...They are pretty easy really...Take some pretty tea cups
Some pretty fabrics and some threads...
With a few gathering stitches, a little pit of stuffing and some craft glue and taaadaaaa...

my favorite one is the one at the back, there's a tiny little chip on the cup tho'.

Well....Ive got to get back to the making, i owe my dad a belated birthday card (i didn't forget...i just remembered a day before his birthday...whoops.) I'll leave you with a picture of some Tomato, Basil and Mozzarella Muffins (they are great heated up)

I've just realised that this post rambled all over the shop...sorry, arths out at work so I'm all on my tod with no one to talk too! thanks for putting up with me!!!


Sunday, 12 July 2009

Some Baking To Go With All Of The Making!

Hello!! i feel much better now that EL and I have decided to put the shop opening back. its given us that little bit more time to make sure everything is ship shape...next on our list is to get the sign done...we are going to do it ourselves (which good be interesting!, fingers crossed it will look fab)
Anyway, I've been wanting to do some baking these last few days. i think its got something to do with not feeling so stressed but also down to having a nice kitchen!! so the other day El came around and we made some cup cakes...

The icing went a bit strange and felt a bit like moose when you ate it...but the cakes were yummy!!I also made some delicious coffee and gingerbread, I've made this before and this one tastes just as yummy (as you can see...i made this yesterday evening and looks whats left!!!)

Both Arth and I (and El too i think!) have ten hour shifts at work today so we decided to get up a bit earlier and have a nice breakfast before we head off for an extended stint in the land of cinema....

Dippy Eggs and Crumpets with lovely strong coffee!! i thought it would be nice to decorate the breakfast bar (ohhh how posh!) with a cute little jar of sweet peas! it was a lovely breakfast...I'm going to think about it all day so that the cinema doesn't get me down!

Right...well like i said...ten hours!
see you soon

Friday, 10 July 2009

So....In My Absense What Did I Do?....

I feel a bit bad dear readers, it seems that as soon as i decide to get back on track with this blogging business i get behind again...sooo i did a marathon photo session today and now i have some pictures to show you....perhaps you should put the kettle on...there are quite a few...Some new brooch designs, i really like these...kind of like a twist on a rosette brooch. i cant decide which is my favorite one, the pink or the purple??
Some pretty button bracelets, toggle ones and normal ones.
Button and charm necklaces...I'm not too sure about this one, i think the colours are a bit too much for me.
But i quite like this one.
And I'm quite fond of this one! but i think that's because my favorite colour is green!
Hair Clips...I'm liking the little blue and red one top left...
These are called Bag of Whimsies. They are a little bag full to the brim with buttons,ribbons,fabric scraps, some beads, pretty bits of fabric and other pretties. not sure how they will go but they are fun to make and i think they look pretty.
Still there? OK...a few more then...
some pretty long necklaces...Ive made them long enough to either wear in one long chain or double up. the one with the multi coloured little buttons is my favorite. it looks so pretty and delicate yet funky, and looks great with a plain top on.
O.K. i better give you a break or you will get square eyes. there are lots of monsters and other plushy creations waiting for you over at StuffedNonsense. Right...no rest for the wicked (or for people who have a shop to open and unpacking to do!!)
Take Care!!

Thursday, 9 July 2009

A Change Of Plan...

Just a very quick one before i head off to work today....
El and I went to have a look at all of the furniture in the shop yesterday and it made us realise that we were not going to be ready in time to open this Saturday. So we have decided to delay the opening of our shop until the 25th, this way we will be better with the standards in our shop...for example...we still need a sign for out the front, by delaying the opening we will be able to get that just right, build up a stock pile of stock in case we sell lots (wishful thinking?) on the first day.
Soooo, sorry to mess with your plans if you were thinking of coming but I'm afraid your going to have to hold of for a little bit longer. But i promise that it will be worth it when it does open!

Monday, 6 July 2009


HELLO HELLO HELLO!! I'm very sorry to have been away for so long but I'm back on the ball now. my checklist is getting slowly smaller (even though it still seems so big..) we have brought all of the furniture for the shop, the craft fair on Saturday has happened (not as well as the first one but it still happened), we are in our lovely fantastic wonderful new home....all that's left for me to cross off is getting lots more stock, packaging it, pricing it, helping get the furniture together for the shop, opening a shop, making a sign for the shop, making a sign on a stick for the shop, and lots more but I'm sure if i read anymore of the list what little sanity i have will disappear!!
i know what will make me feel a bit better....showing you some pictures of the house....if you want...
Our super cool kitchen, with a breakfast bar (you can just see it behind the knife block)
EEEKKKK! look at all this crafting space i have!! i was going to use one of the spare rooms for a sewing room but the light is fantastic here and there is plenty of space. hmmm, it looks a bit higgildy piggilidy here but i think that's just how i work...
The conservatory, being in here when it rains is awesome!!

and the garden, can't wait for some more sun!!

I'd also like to send you all an invite to the opening day of mine and El's shop: StuffedNonsense. We will be opening on the 11th of July (this Saturday) Opens at 10 at closes at 5. we hope to have a tea party set up going on but I'm not sure how our funds will stretch to cups and saucers and stuff...I'll keep you posted. The shop is on Albion Street in Cheltenham (for those who kind of know Cheltenham, its at the back of Debenhams). It is above a shop called Proud Lion (a fantastic comic book shop...if your coming please say hi to Ben he is a lovely man who has given me and El such a generous opportunity, we are soooo grateful to him...) Right....think that's it apart from the fact that i would love it if you could come, I'll be the lady jabbering away to herself in the corner.


im still alive!

hello everyone! I'm sorry about the poor state of posting around these parts but Ive been stupid stupid busy!! Arthur and i have just moved house (yesterday in fact) and in between that, a craft fair and opening a shop in 5 days its been insane!
I'm writing this at El's house, fingers crossed...when i get back to our new 3BEDROOM HOUSE!! the Internet will be working properly so i will show you some pictures of whats been going on!!
I promise I'll be back soon!!