Friday, 24 July 2009

Its All Come Around Soo Quickly..

hello ladies, are you all still there? I'm sorry to have been absent from the blogging world...i went away to 2000 trees (the best time EVER!!) and then i had to work loads of hours in the space of 4 days and then i had to get ready for the shop....which opens TOMORROW!!!
Id just like to let anyone who reads this blog know that you are one of the biggest contributors in me and el opening our shop, without the words of encouragement i regularly receive from you guys i would have fallen at the first hurdle. you guys are ace thank you.
i would also like to thank my most fantastic boyfriend Arthur, thank you for listening to me when I'm panicking in the middle of night, thank you for telling me i can do this, and thank you for always believing in me.i owe you more than you could ever no.
Lastly but by no means least, thank you to my mum and dad for giving me the work ethic i have today. i am truly grateful for all they have taught me. Thank you to Alison vfor driving us to IKEA and putting up with el and i taking ages to decide on some bloody shelves, and tghen letting us take over her car in order to fit it all in (i knew those years of playing tetris would pay off!) Also thank you to my friends, Jon for telling us me an El could do it and believing in us, Amy for cataloguing ALL of our stock in one day and for saying from the start 'you can do this'. Thank you to Ben for this most amazing opportunity. Thank you to all of you guys who were there from the start, coming along to the first ever sales we did (Sarah, Alix, Lorna...) thank you to soo many more people who i cant all remember
Right....that's all the rubbish soppy stuff out of the way...
I WOULD LOVE IT if any of you guys could pop over tomorrow and say hi (take a look at what you helped create?) the shop opens at 10 and there is going to be a little tea party throughout the day...lovely cups and saucers, pretty cakes etc etc.
Anyways fingers crossed i dont let you all down!!


  1. OOoooh so exciting...well done...we'll come visit tomorrow for sure.
    Good luck xx

  2. All the best with your opening, I look forward to visitng in the future !

  3. bex, can you please please take at least one picture of the store + opening? :D
    i would love to have a little peek of your store :)
    eeek! i'm so excited for you!

  4. Cant wait to have a peek xxxx

  5. really wish I was close enough to come and see you :)
    loads of luck xxxx
    and loads of pics too please!!!

  6. GOOD LUCK!!!! I'm sure you wont even need it and you'll be a bit hit!! :D xx

  7. Wooo!! Good luck on your big day tomorrow! I will be there in spirit but one day when i'm over your way, i will definitely come and see you and your shop! Would love to see some pictures!

  8. Wow how exiting!! Good luck with the opening...I am sure all you hard work will pay off..this is a special day ....feel proud :-)