Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Tea Vicar??

Hello Dearies, how are you all?? I'm getting excited because I'm going off to 2000 trees on Friday!! its a local green music festival, Arthur brought me a ticket for my birthday (yep...he's the best!) i had a bit of panic the other day as i went to buy a tent with my very very limited pennies as i had seen a few cheap ones...and they looked a bit more waterproof then our little one we have at the moment...but EVERYWHERE was sold out (of the cheap ones anyway!!) but I've calmed down now and have put our current tent up to air it out, fingers crossed it will rain tonight and i can check its waterproof in the morning!!! Ohh dear, you still there? Ive just realised Ive written a load of trollop on not buying a tent...ohh well!!
I did make three tea cup pin cushions when i got back from work (eurgh...the first day of Potter madness). They are for the shop which is good because it gives me an excuse to buy pretty cups...They are pretty easy really...Take some pretty tea cups
Some pretty fabrics and some threads...
With a few gathering stitches, a little pit of stuffing and some craft glue and taaadaaaa...

my favorite one is the one at the back, there's a tiny little chip on the cup tho'.

Well....Ive got to get back to the making, i owe my dad a belated birthday card (i didn't forget...i just remembered a day before his birthday...whoops.) I'll leave you with a picture of some Tomato, Basil and Mozzarella Muffins (they are great heated up)

I've just realised that this post rambled all over the shop...sorry, arths out at work so I'm all on my tod with no one to talk too! thanks for putting up with me!!!



  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog!! :-) Yes Dogs are great I have never had one before Fudge and she is a bit of a handful she is a collie / lab and very intelligent and energetic!! she has had training but I am thinking she may need some more after her little outing into the street!! :-) I LOVE the tea cup pin cushions...what a great idea! x

  2. Oh my those muffins sound amazing, did you make them? x

  3. Loving the tea cup pin cushions :) they're fab. I haven't done it for years but I love staying in a tent, something nice about sleeping under the stars. xx

  4. Love those tea cups - I have one of them exactly!!

    Sam x

  5. i love the tea cup pin cushions, they are sooooo lovely, xx