Friday, 10 July 2009

So....In My Absense What Did I Do?....

I feel a bit bad dear readers, it seems that as soon as i decide to get back on track with this blogging business i get behind again...sooo i did a marathon photo session today and now i have some pictures to show you....perhaps you should put the kettle on...there are quite a few...Some new brooch designs, i really like these...kind of like a twist on a rosette brooch. i cant decide which is my favorite one, the pink or the purple??
Some pretty button bracelets, toggle ones and normal ones.
Button and charm necklaces...I'm not too sure about this one, i think the colours are a bit too much for me.
But i quite like this one.
And I'm quite fond of this one! but i think that's because my favorite colour is green!
Hair Clips...I'm liking the little blue and red one top left...
These are called Bag of Whimsies. They are a little bag full to the brim with buttons,ribbons,fabric scraps, some beads, pretty bits of fabric and other pretties. not sure how they will go but they are fun to make and i think they look pretty.
Still there? OK...a few more then...
some pretty long necklaces...Ive made them long enough to either wear in one long chain or double up. the one with the multi coloured little buttons is my favorite. it looks so pretty and delicate yet funky, and looks great with a plain top on.
O.K. i better give you a break or you will get square eyes. there are lots of monsters and other plushy creations waiting for you over at StuffedNonsense. rest for the wicked (or for people who have a shop to open and unpacking to do!!)
Take Care!!


  1. Oh I love the bag of whimsies though it's all great! Those were really great pics. Is that for the shop? How's that all going?

    Thanks for my welcome back xxx

  2. Beautiful pics:) I think that the Bag of Whimsies would go great. I LOVE them:)

  3. You have been busy!!!!
    I love the bag of whimsies and the long necklaces! x

  4. oh, you have been super busy + crafty!
    loving the new items, especially the brooches. and the bag of whimsies is such a great idea!

    also, i just wanted to say that i have been enjoying your blog lots, and have passed on an award to you on my blog. hop on over if you would like to play along :)