Monday, 6 July 2009


HELLO HELLO HELLO!! I'm very sorry to have been away for so long but I'm back on the ball now. my checklist is getting slowly smaller (even though it still seems so big..) we have brought all of the furniture for the shop, the craft fair on Saturday has happened (not as well as the first one but it still happened), we are in our lovely fantastic wonderful new home....all that's left for me to cross off is getting lots more stock, packaging it, pricing it, helping get the furniture together for the shop, opening a shop, making a sign for the shop, making a sign on a stick for the shop, and lots more but I'm sure if i read anymore of the list what little sanity i have will disappear!!
i know what will make me feel a bit better....showing you some pictures of the house....if you want...
Our super cool kitchen, with a breakfast bar (you can just see it behind the knife block)
EEEKKKK! look at all this crafting space i have!! i was going to use one of the spare rooms for a sewing room but the light is fantastic here and there is plenty of space. hmmm, it looks a bit higgildy piggilidy here but i think that's just how i work...
The conservatory, being in here when it rains is awesome!!

and the garden, can't wait for some more sun!!

I'd also like to send you all an invite to the opening day of mine and El's shop: StuffedNonsense. We will be opening on the 11th of July (this Saturday) Opens at 10 at closes at 5. we hope to have a tea party set up going on but I'm not sure how our funds will stretch to cups and saucers and stuff...I'll keep you posted. The shop is on Albion Street in Cheltenham (for those who kind of know Cheltenham, its at the back of Debenhams). It is above a shop called Proud Lion (a fantastic comic book shop...if your coming please say hi to Ben he is a lovely man who has given me and El such a generous opportunity, we are soooo grateful to him...) Right....think that's it apart from the fact that i would love it if you could come, I'll be the lady jabbering away to herself in the corner.



  1. oh oh! such a lovely home you have there, bex! the conservatory looks so cozy, and your craft space is so spacious! i'm jealous ;)
    you definitely have lots on your plate right now - how on earth do you keep so super organised!
    And all the best with the opening of StuffedNonsense. Would love to be there and check out yours and El's wonderful store, but unfortunately, I'm all the way on the other side of the globe. So, I'm sending lots of love and good wishes instead!

  2. Good luck with the shoppie Bex!! Love your crafting room x

  3. Good luck with the shop opening, wish I was nearer and I could pop in and visit! The house looks great too and I am so jealous of your workspace, so much space!

  4. Hi, Great to hear its all moving on, fantastic crafting area. I will see you on saturday.

  5. What a great crafting space...I need to get on and sort something here ! Hope the opening goes well:)

  6. Your new home looks great, what a fantastic studio space!! Hope all goes well with the Shop opening, I am sure it will all be a big hit, it's very exciting. Wish I lived near and could pop by, but best of luck with it all. Bx