Sunday, 12 July 2009

Some Baking To Go With All Of The Making!

Hello!! i feel much better now that EL and I have decided to put the shop opening back. its given us that little bit more time to make sure everything is ship on our list is to get the sign done...we are going to do it ourselves (which good be interesting!, fingers crossed it will look fab)
Anyway, I've been wanting to do some baking these last few days. i think its got something to do with not feeling so stressed but also down to having a nice kitchen!! so the other day El came around and we made some cup cakes...

The icing went a bit strange and felt a bit like moose when you ate it...but the cakes were yummy!!I also made some delicious coffee and gingerbread, I've made this before and this one tastes just as yummy (as you can see...i made this yesterday evening and looks whats left!!!)

Both Arth and I (and El too i think!) have ten hour shifts at work today so we decided to get up a bit earlier and have a nice breakfast before we head off for an extended stint in the land of cinema....

Dippy Eggs and Crumpets with lovely strong coffee!! i thought it would be nice to decorate the breakfast bar (ohhh how posh!) with a cute little jar of sweet peas! it was a lovely breakfast...I'm going to think about it all day so that the cinema doesn't get me down!

Right...well like i said...ten hours!
see you soon


  1. At least your cakes rise, mine always stay flat as a pancake and can only be eaten by those who love me very much!

  2. I've never seen icing go like that before but they look yummy!

    Mel xxx

  3. Yummy, yummy, yummy!! All of those cakes look lovely even with the interesting fluffy iceing !! :-)

  4. lovely, boiled eggs are my fave!!!!
    and yummy looking cakes!!!
    felciity xx