Thursday, 23 October 2008

Look What I Found!!!

Look at these lovely goodies!!! I found them today all in one charity shop...and heres the best bit it all came to £2.55!! I couldn't believe it. I go in this shop quite often because they have nice buttons but when I saw the pins and best off all the moomin plate I was soo happy!! And then to top the day off I found ten pounds on the floor I bought some comics!! BONUS!!

However...and brace yourself for a rant..I did get rather annoyed at someone who I wont name because thats just spiteful. But im just a bit upset because previously this person had frowned upon the fact that I made homemade stuff and generally gave me the impression that it wasn't worth my time or anyone elses. However I saw this person in local shop purchasing stuff to make their own stuff. Which is great im happy for them because making stuff is a great experience. I just feel that she doesn't need to be so mean about my stuff. maybe she was embarassed and couldn't say that she liked mine or what I dont know.....just wish she wasn't so bloody rude!!

Freshly made 5 minutes ago!! A reversible tote bag..I didn't go all out on the decoration just some white and red buttons. Look out for it on Nov 29th.

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