Saturday, 24 October 2009

Sorry Sorry Sorry

Sorry i have been absent from bexsbuttons. T
he shop is getting busier every week and im not sure how much i will be able to post here...especially with Christmas coming up; StuffedNonsense needs regular stock, the shop in Cirencester will want some more stock before the proper festive season AND StuffedNonsense has been accepted to do a craft fair in Bristol on the 12th of December...PHEW! Its brilliant and i'm not complaining at all...just wanted to let you guys now that i do still exist.
Hey!'s a thought...if you want to catch up on on StuffedNonsense a bit more ( least once a week anyways!)
Anyways...see you soon??


  1. I know the feeling, the xmas mania has begun!
    Good luck x

  2. Hi Bex, I've got some more stuff to send to you. Its all pacakged up and ready to go. Is my 3 months up yet? If it is send me a money request and I'll sign up for another 3 months if thats ok?

    thanks Em xx

  3. Hi hun

    So pleased for you that the shop's doing so well! Excellent news :)

    Sorry I've not been about much to say hi either but I hope you're OK.

    Mel xxx

  4. I fell off the blogging bus too recently...lots to do and not enough time. I just popped over to your blog and realised that you got a shop. Wow I'm so impressed... A Huge Congratulations!!!
    Best of luck with all the hard work, and the photos look great, well done :)