Thursday, 31 December 2009

Take A Deep Breath...

This feels strange.
I've been so absent from this homely space i have created here, and I've missed it. I think i got out of touch because I've been soo busy with the shop and about a million other things on my plate; so Ive decided to try and get the wheels rolling on this little baby again. I can't promise that there will be as much talking and typing as before but I'm really going to try.
I've spent the best part of today making me a little something. What with everything that's been going on I've not given myself anytime to make for me...if that makes sense? soooo I've decided to give myself a bit more time to stitch for me. anyway...back to what i did today...

It involved three pretty bowls with sparkly gold sequins and twinkly gold beads, a lovely red cardigan (Christmas isn't over yet!) a needle and some thread...ohh yeah and about 2 hours sat on the sofa....

The outcome??....

A rather fetching cardigan for me to wear out this new years eve. What do you think?? Ive been craving an item of clothing adorned with sequins but everything out on the shops was a little bit pricey (either that...or not quite right)soooo what would any self respecting craftster do??

Yep...make it herself (or at least sew the sequins onto a cardigan she picked up in a charity shop herself).

Well...i feel like I've only been her five minutes and its time for me to go all ready. Id just like to finish this off by saying that things are pretty hectic in my neck of the woods at the moment so i could really do with the company of you lovely people out there.....if there's any of you still there??

Have a very merry and super fantastic new years this evening.

I'll see you soon



  1. nice to see you back. happy new year.

  2. Hey Bex, great to have you back and LOVE the cardigan, it has a 1930's look about it. Hope being so busy is in a good way (which I'm sure it is) and look forward to hearing what you're up to in 2010. No pressure then!!

    Happy New Year!

  3. Have a lovely New Year Bex!! Love the've just inspired me.....thanks :D xx

  4. very cute:)..may try that with some old cardigans myself