Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Phew!! i need a cuppa after these!!

I had an awesome day yesterday (warning!!! over load on cheerfulness!!)
i found a skirt and some trousers for 2 pounds, i got them because the fabric is great for the new style coin purses I'm doing. I made myself a cute little coin purse. These two things were cool enough. BUT then i went into work and a friend from work had brought me in the BIGGEST TIN OF BUTTONS EVER!! and also a HUGE bag full of fabric for Stuffed Nonsense!!! THEN two of my other pals from work came in and brought me and arth three cookies from Ben's Cookies in Bath. If any of you have ever been to bath and not been to this place then i strongly recommend you go next time. the cookies are like little drops of heaven!!!!
Here are the buttons before they went into jars...i now have no space left in my jars and need more as well!!!!

Check out the lovely pile of orange buttons....and the Ben's cookies box.
Ive just finished 3 more coin purse too...whenever I'm doing a sale i try to do things in batches of 5 so these three make 5. i like them all i think but my favorite is the pink and grey one.

I really enjoy picking out the buttons to attach to the zips...the hounds tooth button was just meant to be i guess!!

Ohhhh...one more great thing happened yesterday. Arthurs mum took some of my jewellery to her school as she always gets comments about the pieces she wears...and i sold lots and lots of it!!!! Wonderful.

Right I've got an annoying shift at work today...stuck right in the middle of the day at half 2!! I'm going to go get some lunch.

See you Soon


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