Friday, 20 February 2009

What is this....blogging???

Hi everyone!!! I'm still alive, just been horrible busy at work because it is half term. i don't think that it has been quiet on anyone of my shifts this week!!!
Arthurs folks came round yesterday. it was lovely to see them without having to rush off quickly for work, although i had to go at 4 i still saw them for a long while. Arthurs baby sis liked her present i think, which is always good.
The other day El and i had another sewing night for stuffed nonsense and we made these....

At the top you have Stripey Phillip a lovely little fleecy creation from El's fair hands.

I spent the night making the miniature dust bunnies, I'm quite attached to these and they are a great way to use up the fabric scraps i get from the scrap bags which i have an addiction to. The spotty one on the end has metal in his ears so they are bendy. I've decided to change the dust bunnies story....Have you ever wondered what happens to dust after you have wiped it away? It becomes Dust Bunnies!! Shy little creatures who spend their time hiding in nooks and crannies watching how humans live their lives.

Other than that m'dears I've not had a chance to do anything crafty...I've got a few more bunnies to sew up today, i will pop them up tomorrow.


  1. How cute, I should make a bunny for my daughter, she would just love it:)

  2. They are adorable! I love their story too :) We must have loads hiding in this house!

    Thanks for your comment by the way, you're too kind.

    Mel xxx

  3. The dust bunnies are sooo cute, like the little story too.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  4. Oh I love those dust bunnies.LOL, so cute, I want one,LOL,.

  5. They sure are lovely!
    And is such a lovely way to use your fabric scraps to!
    By the way Bex, THANK YOU SO MUCH for your Award.
    Much love,
    Debbie Moss

    P.S - I`m looking forward to see more of your wonderful creations!

  6. They are so cute!! I wouldn't know where to start on something like that.
    Girl, you have good taste in music - we should compare what we've got and I could do you some copies!
    Kim xx