Thursday, 12 February 2009

Busy Little Bees.

Afternoon Everyone! How are you??

Me and El have just finished another sewing session and we are pleased to welcome into the world.....

On the left Hermes , in the middle Physchodelic Dust Bunny,and on the left Colin. We've posted up a little bit of their stories so feel free to have a look over at (if you want that is!)
Well, highs and low today. High, made great things and fabric order finally came. Low, eurgh landlord came for rent and council tax. im going ot have nooooooo pennies left!!!!
Right im of to have a drink!!
Take Care m'dears.


  1. Hi Bex, my computer seems to be working again - thanks to the french repairman - hooray!!
    Love your little stuffed ones, they're cute.
    Enjoy your drink,

  2. Hellloooo they're good! You two seem like a very talented twosome.

    Mel xxx