Monday, 16 February 2009

Sleepy Eyes.

Evening everyone. Soooo I've got something important to say....yesterday, after i moaned to you poor people about not selling anything on folksy....I SOLD SOMETHING!!! i sold the red set of gift tags which had been up on folksy for about 4 hours!! and the angry and happy cloud clips which had been up there a while!!! i was so happy to check my emails when i got back from work that i actually did a little dance.....just a little one!!

So today i packed the order up with a few extras. i thought id add the extras because when i read other blogs and people get parcels on them with little extras i always thought that it looks soo nice. and as the lady that had ordered from me was the first i added an extra set of button clips. i hope she doesn't think its strange.

I'm so happy for crafty types like me and people that read this blog that we are able to sell our wares so easily on the Internet, its good that if people are thinking of starting their own business they can do so without the overhead of a shop to pay for. i still really really really want a shop but that's going to take at least a million years!!!!

Anyway, back to the point!!! i started this today, its a wall hanging for Arthur's baby sister.

Ive just got the last strip in the middle which will have bright birds going down it. i was a bit worried it was a bit too girly but arth says its fine so all is OK.

on another note, I'm seriously going to look at organising a craft fair in cheltenham. if you are interested please leave a comment with your email and Ill get in touch. even if you don't normally comment or think that the items you make are no good, drop me an email and we will have a chat....if you want. ohh, the fair will probably be in Cheltenham as well.

Right, I'm going to doze for a bit, i got a head ache today so i took some painkillers but they've completely zoned me out.

no xx's today only zzzzzzzzzzz's


  1. Well done on your first sale Bex. xxxx

  2. Aw well done, that's great news! I think extras is a great idea, as long as you are still making some money too of course! I think that mobile is totally gorgeous, if someone had given me that when I had my girls I would have been so happy :D

    Mel xxx

  3. Sooo happy for your sale. I love the gift tags and you really should stick in there!. Sold more than me!

  4. That is fabulous - good work! Its bloody hard to sell on big sites like that too. So competitive!


  5. Brilliant Bex, well done you.
    I think the wall hanging is lovely and I have a little girl who would think so too. I'm sure Arthur's baby sister will be really pleased with it.
    Good luck with organising your sale.
    Take care.

  6. Well done, I love your work its gorgeous!! Sarah x