Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Hello Brian.

Psssstttt....i'll tell you a secret....i'll have to whisper though....theres a lodger in our house...hes called Brian and hes a retired dragon.I made Brian for a swap i organised with a friend at work, he draws these fantastically detailed pictures and i asked him if he would swap me a postcard sized one for one of my monsters and he kindly said welcome to the world Brian. Hes a retired dragon who's wings don't work anymore and who's hobbies include bird watching, eating cheese and crackers and falling asleep to ELO or the Squeeze.

i really enjoy doing stuff like this, although my technical abilities aren't amazing, and so i cant make 3D monsters, i love to come up with the expressions on their faces and dreaming up their stories. i hope chris likes him.

Well...the buttons are calling

P.S im going to take this chance to shamlessly plug mine and el's little buisness. Stuffed Nonsense, born out of our frustration from working in the cinema and not being able to the creative jobs which we day dream about doing, has offically opened its doors. Check out our blog at, there you will find the first two items we have put up for sale, we decided to stick them on my folksy shop so we can see how they go on the internet. What do you think?

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  1. Hello there, Brian's sweet, I love his story! Just had a look at your new blog and they are really cute. The Plump one is my fave :)

    Mel xxx