Sunday, 1 February 2009


As the name on my blog probably suggests i like buttons lots. I thought id put up some pictures of my collection because I had them out today as I'm making some jewellery out of them.Buttons on a plate.
Buttons in a yellow tray.
Buttons in a clear tray.
Buttons in jars.
I've was thinking that it was fun to see every ones pictures of their crockery after kirstyfish asked people to put pictures up sooooo.....does anyone fancy putting pictures up of their buttons??its just a bit of fun!!!!
Right I'm off to play with them some more!!!!
I hope everyone has had a good weekend so far.


  1. Hi Bex

    Wish I had as many as you!!!!! I love jars of buttons I've actually been photographing my cookie cutter collection (weirdo that I am lol) as I realised I had so many.

    Mel xxx

  2. I love buttons too, and have been making something with them today for my giveaway, but can't show pics of that as its a surprise for bekimarie, but will try to put a pic up of my button collection later. Its not any way near as impressive as yours though. xxxx

  3. I love buttons too - as does my daughter! She'll regularly tip a jar out in my sewing room while I'm sewing and play for hours. Hopefully this is the start of her crafting obsession!