Sunday, 22 February 2009

What Is This Fabled Day Off??

That's right!! BOTH Arthur and I have today off.....a cinema at all!!!! Its been great so far!! Opened up a few of the windows because the flat is foisty from the winter. we have big sash windows which don't really fit into the window holes to well so over winter we huddled up and batten downed the hatches, but that meant the flat got no fresh air for a few months....soo its really good to have that freshened up smell you get when you open up the windows....lovely.

I'm sat on the sofa looking out of our window at this massive holly tree we have in our back yard. i like doing this and watching out for the little birds we get....lots of small pretty ones. i know i have moaned about our flat quite a lot previously but its still a lovely little place. its definitely nicer to live in during the spring and summer.

I was determined to make some lovelies today and i think i succeeded. Ive had a pair of tweedy type fabric trousers upstairs in the airing cupboard for ages, i like them but the shape is all wrong, so i cut them up today!!!GASP!!! and made these......

I Think my favorite is the brown and beige dotty one, it has a better shape. The yellow one is slightly more square shaped. But the fabric is soo cute on it...(if slightly crazy.) Both of the purses have a really cute co-ordinated button pull on the zip. After i finished them you would have heard this conversation...

Me: I'm sure i can keep one of these purses. Arth: Really? Me:Yep i need a new one anyway... Arth: you have about twenty purses upstairs Me: no i don't. Arth: yep I'm pretty sure you do Me: Not twenty more like ten. So on and so on.

Right, I'm going to pop those babies up on folksy (as i went upstairs and counted....there were twenty so no excuses) Ohhh, talking on the folksy front....i sold another thing on my shop and me and el sold our first stuffed nonsense creation!!! (round of applause please!!) I also figured out how to get the little folksy button, its there on the left!

We are having a pancake party tonight too, all of pals are working on pancake day so we are going to do it tonight instead.PANCAKES WOHOOOOOO!!!

Take care my little munchkins



  1. So cute, I just love the little piggies on the second one:)

  2. Clap clap clap clap clap! Well done you! The purses are lovely too. Enjoy the pancake party :)

    Mel xxx

  3. Gorgeous, I love the designs on your fabric, well done Sarah x

  4. Love your purses. Huge Congrats on the sales, well done you.
    Enjoy the pancakes.
    Take care.