Saturday, 22 August 2009

Just a Little One!

Hello guys. i hope your all ok. i thought i had better pop in and let you know whats been going on in my buttony world at the moment!! i had a bit of a rubbish day yesterday, Friday's are my days in the shop (el does Thursday's and we do Saturday's). There are two sewing machines at the shop; both of them are pretty old (and if I'm honest in need of a good service!) but they normally chunter along quite well. However they both just flat out refused to do ANYTHING on Friday! It was soo annoying, i was in such a mood to make lots too and i couldn't!! i lost my cool in the end and quickly jumped into a taxi (now we are on the house we love about 25minute walk from town centre) to get my more modern machine, but by the time i got it too the shop I'd just lost my funk! So i sulked for most of the day, but felt better after a lovely bbq for a friends birthday.
Today on the other hand was wonderful!! El and I had come up with a plan to hand our pretty flowers with flier's for the shop on. I'd tried just giving out flier's the Saturday before but it didn't work at all (people wouldn't take them.) went really well, the people that took the flowers really smiled once they had one which is great (even if they didn't pop into the shop for a peek.) I waited until i had give out all of the flowers, which was about 1 and quarter hours, and then headed back to the shop...i wasn't sure if the flyering had helped at all...but it turns out that it really did! Yep!...for the first time since the opening day we were busy! El and I now have some serious stitching to be doing before next Thursday! It was wonderful, i was really beginning to worry that it wasn't going to work, but after today i feel a bit more hopeful! Even the people who didn't buy anything were happy to browse and everyone said that the shop is amazing! HOW COOL????
Other good news...El and I took a lot more stock to MADE in Cirencester, thinking there would be some left over to pop on the shelves at the shop....but they took it all!!!wohoooo!!
Right, I'm sleepy and my Horlicks is getting cold (yes I'm a 23 year old who would rather stay in drinking hot malty drinks!)
I'm off to a boot fair tomorrow so fingers crossed i will have some delights to show you!!
Sweet Dreams


  1. what great news - I am so very happy for you, el and stuffed nonsense!
    i'm sure the store will be more bustling with people from now on :)

    psstt: i think milo's better than horlicks! :P

  2. Yay for flowery marketing! That worked a treat, eh! Enjoy kicking ass with your machines this week :) xx

  3. A great idea for marketing! Because even if the people who took the flowers didn't come in for a look on that day maybe back next week or they'll tell their friends :)

    Just keep at it! You need to get as many people as you can to know about the shop and when enough know they'll be doing the marketing for you and spreading the word :) Its only been a couple of weeks - you can do it!! :D

  4. Hi Bex, I can sympathise about the machines, mine is only two but gets a lot of hammer and lately it has been more noisy and the peddle needs replacing, I'm dreading it giving up the ghost. Hope you've had better days since!
    Kim xx

  5. Brilliant job girls!!! Looking forward to seeing my wares in there too....started getting some stuff made for you :D xx

  6. http://lucyslovesinlife@blogspot.com23 August 2009 at 09:27

    Well done! It sounds as though things at the shop are doing well. You deserve it after all the hard work!
    I hope that you had a good car boot sale. I had a fabulous one!!!

  7. Great to hear about your marketing ideas and to know they worked! I fear you will suffer slightly from being a shop within a shop (my cousin had a similar situation with a card making supplies shop) so will have to do a bit more of this but it obviously worked and after a while you will build up your loyal customers who will keep coming back so it will be worth it. Hope the good news keeps coming. Bx