Sunday, 30 August 2009


Hello everybody. I hope that you are OK.
I feel a bit sorry for myself at the moment. i woke up this morning with a stupid sinus headache (for those who don't know i have a lot of trouble with allergies...especially dustmites and cats...when they get in my head they GET in my head), but trundled into work, but once i got into work i just hit a wall, i was soooo tired and my arms were all achey. So Jon (one of the managers and good friend) let me go home early. Except I'm all lonely at home because arth is at work! what a loser i am! Anyway, Ive decided to self medicate....Rooibush tea, galaxy chocolate and a good book...if i can keep my eyes open long enough! The book is by Neil Gaiman who is my number one favorite author. He wrote Coraline, the book the recent film was based on, as well as loads of other great books! I was out on Cheltenham high street again this yesterday. Instead of giving out flowers with flyer's on...i was giving out cup cakes with little flags advertising our shop in them. It went well...until i was left with four and a rather determined wasp. its stupid really...being 23 and scared stupid of wasps! i managed to off load the last four as quick as i could and then ran away with my tail between my legs!
I have to admit that i cheated and brought the ready made cakes....i iced them myself tho'!!
They brought in a few people and there some other peeps came in for a its slowly getting better.
I made a few more bits for the shop as well...
Some bib panels all i need to do is make the bibs!
Some new fabric bracelets...
And some new dust colours which aren't as summery as the other ones...its getting colder all ready isn't it? In a way I'm looking forward to it being colder, this is the first time we've been in a house with central heating AND double glazing!!! (no more ice on the inside of our windows!woot woot!)
I thought i would just let ya'll know that the giveaway over on StuffedNonsense closes tomorrow (all you have to do is head over and subscribe/follow our blog and you could win a basket full of our lovelies!)
Right...I'm going to rest some more, we are off to Bristol tomorrow (its the last day of the Banksy exhibit and it was El's birthday yesterday so we are going to brave the queues!)
See you Soon


  1. I know how you feel with the sinus headaches, I suffer with allergies too and get the same problems. I nearly bought Stardust the other day but went for Raymond Fiest instead! Loving all the dust bunnies x A

  2. Sorry to hear you feel unwell Bex, I'm sporting a rather annoying migraine at the mo so I join you in the feel poorly stakes.

    Was wondering if you had gotten round to sending me the T&C's for stuffednonesense?
    Hugs Em xxx

  3. Hope you feel better soon, booo to feeling rotten!! Love the fabric bracelets Xx

  4. The cupcakes do look delicious...even if you did cheat a little. Have a lovely time in Bristol we are very jealous. xx

  5. Sorry to hear that you are under the weather. I hope that the tea (I like that tea), the chocolate and book help! The wasps have really been awful this year, they are everywhere!
    The goodies look great.
    Isabelle x

  6. I hope you recover quickly, bex!
    rest well :)

    loving the cute bunnies too :)

    ps: wasps, bees... i'm scared of 'em too :(

  7. I read 'Good Omens' that Gaiman co-wrote with Pratchett - loved it!
    Sorry to read of your allergy woes, hope that galaxy choccie sorted it :D xx

  8. hope you feel better soon, im still scared of wasps!! fliss xx

  9. hope your feeling better soon x

  10. Hope you are feeling better - and just to tell you that I am the same about wasps. I try to be sensible and not flap when my children are around, but I have an out and out phobia and often I'm running away before I've even consciously realised there's a wasp in the room. And I'm 37!!
    Kim xx