Monday, 3 August 2009

Swaps and Buttons!!!

I mentioned that my sea side swap parcel from LissyLou arrived the other day. I'm a very lucky lady, when i opened up the box it was in i instantly felt guilty there was LOADS of little presents in it! i hope that Lissylou isn't disappointed with the parcels i sent up....hmmmm.I love the little beach hut fridge magnet. There was also some chocolate shells (i haven't eaten them all yet) and a cute wooden heart with a beach hut on which is hanging up in the downstairs bathroom. Thank you Lissylou, it really cheered me up after a slow day at the shop.
My mum, dad and sister are here at the moment. we're going camping in whales tomorrow for a week, and as they live along way away in Norfolk they've split up the journey by staying over here for the night (its great to see them AND it saves me the train fair to Wales!!) Mum brought me a goody bag filled with buttony goodness yummy yummy...
The picture is a bit dark here (the light was just going) but there are some great shapes and most of them are in lovely pastel shades. thanks mum!!!
Right, I've got packing to do and shop emails to write! I'll make sure i take my camera with me tomorrow so i can entertain with you pictures when i return!(aren't you lucky!)...I'll be back in a week!


  1. Lovely swap, and lovely buttons too! Have a great holiday!!

    Sharon xx

  2. Ooooh what lovely goodies...have a lovely camping time...I hope the rain holds off for you xxx

  3. those are lovely goodies! :D
    and the buttons are so adorable. pastels are wonderful, aren't they? :)
    have a wonderful trip!

  4. Have a wonderful time in Wales, I hope the weather improves for you!

    Love your goodies, the beach hut is so cute and the buttons are great. It's so dark at the moment I have to admit I have to lighten quite a few of my pics before I post them (is that cheating?!)

    Mel xxx

  5. Glad you liked your goodies. I recieved mine a few mins ago. Thank you. The whales are hanging on the door in the conservatory/playroom, i'm going to save the lovely book for our summer hoilday. Great buttons and love the little bag they came in. I'll post about them soon xxxxxxx

  6. What thoughtful and beautiful swap treats! The buttons are gorgeous too! I hope that the shop is going well- I have been following your blog with interest and wish you all the best!

  7. oh lovely sea sidey swap,its so nice getting little parcels in the post, fliss xx