Sunday, 2 August 2009

Selling In Our Shop...Anyone??

Hello!!! What is this wonderful thing called 'A Sunday Off??' I've heard of them...but can't remember the last time i experienced one!! hehehehe.
Thanks for your comments about the badges at the 'charming' people who visited the shop!! It was a quiet week at the shop, we had a few custom orders to do (which the customers loved...thank you to Jack, Lynne and Alix for coming to us!!) but apart from that foot fall was a bit low!! i got a bit mopey about it yesterday...i don't think it was helped by this...
The British weather is being quite charming at the moment isn't it!? Don't worry tho', I'm out of my funk now and back on the ball. El and I (and Arthur too!) have come up with a big plan for a secret event in the next few weeks so watch this space!
I wanted to put a proposition to all of you lovely bloggers out there. El and I want StuffedNonsense to be haven for local craftsters (is that too cheesy?). we want our shop to be place people come to soak up the atmosphere of hand made things, we also want the shop to be a place for sellers to sell the wares from. you dont have to be local, but we we were wondering if any of you would be interested in selling some of lovely items in store. we won't work on commission instead (depending on the size and cost of your items) we are going to ask for a monthly 'rent' type payment. meaning that the money made from your items selling will ALL go to you. Anyway..that's the bare bones of it, i don't want to put loads of details up here in case no one fancies it and then you would have all been bored to if you want more info please leave a comment or email us at (hope that wasn't too brain numbing for you!!)
The quest for Bulk Buttons goes on...I've asked around some craft forums but nothing has come up yet. so if any of you know where i can buy bulk plastic buttons from pretty please could you let me know? i know that people spend a long time and a lot of effort finding and maintaining their suppliers, but this is proving to be one high hurdle to jump over!!
Righto, I'm off to play with a new note book i got today. Have a Happy Sunday!!
P.S. my sea side swap arrived the other day!! I'll post some pictures tomorrow but id just like to say a big THANK YOU to lissylou!! it was a great parcel to receive in the post!!


  1. Don't let it get you takes time for word to get, rain never helps anything, ever (well except maybe plants to grow). The shop looks great, you should be very proud of yourself.
    Hope you had/are having a lovely lazy Sunday.
    Vicki xx
    PS does the shop have a facebook group?

  2. Oooo would you be interested in stocking some yarn? I'll drop you an email at some point!

    The only place i'm aware of that sells buttons (and lots of other crafty/haberdashery type things) is

  3. Hi hun

    That would really interest me, I don't have masses of stuff though but I would definitely love to be involved. I have some hearts and things that I made for the craft fair that I could send (have postponed the craft fair idea for the time being because of the economy and cost of the stall!). If you wanted to email me I'm on

    Looking forward to hearing more! Mel xxx

  4. dont worry your shop is new, soon enough everyone will be pooping in!!! fliss xx