Friday, 23 January 2009

Almost Finished.

Hello everyone out there.

I hope that you are all well and are slowly getting out of the gloom that is January. I think out of all the months January is my least favorite. It just seems to easy for me to get all im looking forward to February.

I dont start work until five today but Arthur started work at nine until half five so ive been myself all day. What did i do?? No surprises.....i made a bag (well almost i just need to do a strap for it)
(Sorry about the creases!!! The blue fabric is a bugger for creasing everywhere.)
You can see the cut pattern on the fabric has some letters on it and pictures to match. The whole thing used to be a childs bed cover which i picked up from a local charity shop.

It was a change from all of the purses i've been making, I think I enjoy making the purses a bit more because they are smaller and so easier to cut out but they are also a bit complicated so it gives me a chance to work my brain a bit.
Righto then...i'm going to browse the world wide web for a bit!!
Thanks for reading
oh...i thought id stick up another blog which i like to read because everyone seemed to like the last one (hyena in petticoats) so why not try this one....ive only just found it but ive been drooling over what she makes!! the blog is really cute to...


  1. That's sweet, the material is so cute! Will check out that blog later xxx

  2. Like the bag Bex and glad you like the bear. It's not stopped all night along with high winds and snow today. Just love January!!!
    Enjoy your weekend.

  3. Thanks so much for your sweet coment!
    Also, thanks for sharing "that blog"!
    You are right... she is so talented and so are you!!!
    I love your wallets/purses and I like this bag to!
    Its nice that you are having a go at doing other things... that`s what I will be trying to do this year.
    Getting out of my comfort zone!
    I can wait for SPRING to come!
    Have a wonderful week and I hope that you are feeling much better,
    Much Love,
    Debbie Moss