Monday, 26 January 2009

A Happy Monday Morning? Surely Not?

Hello everyone!! (imagine that in a horribly cheery voice....a voice which you would hate to hear on a Monday!)
So far Monday has gone great for me. i had a bit of a rough weekend...really busy at work and taking on too much. But after a lovely nights sleep, some bargain spotting yesterday and a great make this morning i feel great!!!

I mentioned a while ago that i brought some fabric on eternalmaker, I've already made one purse for the folksy shop out of some of it. This morning i made a purse for myself out of (what i think) is my favorite fabric from that batch. i keep looking at purses a bit like this one but i did not want to pay allot of money for it if it was something i could make myself. turns out i can...well in my own way... I was going to post pictures now but my batteries have died so I'll have to pop out to get some more and then I'll show you!!!

Right i think its time for a coffee
i hope that i wasn't to sickeningly happy!!
take care


  1. Yes, I am afarid you are too happy! It is still January you know!

  2. Someone has to be happy on a Monday I s'pose. Look forward to seeing your pics.
    Take care,

  3. Hi Bex - thanks for the award - I've not been near my blog for two weeks so it was nice to see! I will do it justice tomorrow - and the tag! Hope your Monday has continued to be a good one.

  4. Hey, you stole my happiness!!!! Only joking! Looking forward to seeing the pics xxx