Wednesday, 21 January 2009

This one went well.

Hi are you all??
I woke up today with a stinking headache...stupid allergies. so im kind of walking around in a haze trying to not move my head; which means i probably shouldn't have done this but it didn't seem to make my head hurt any more so i carried on...

i messed around with the pattern for this purse yesterday and after that one went well i thought id take the plunge and snip into one of the new fabrics from eternalmaker and it turned out ok. i'm a bit fussy with the rickrack on the top...theres a little gap but i think its good enough for the shop!!
oh... ive been looking at this blog and i think its really cool, the lady who writes it is funny and she makes great things...

Take Care all


  1. I love the blue, red and white colour scheme. I am tempetd to make another wallet, inspired by all yours.

  2. Another lovely wallet!
    Love the fabric and the red ric-rac that you choose for it!
    Thanks for your coment on my blog, every coment does mean a lot to me!
    I`m off now to check "that blog".
    Thanks for sharing, and hope that all your beautiful creations sell!
    Debbie Moss

    P.S- I hope you feel well soon!

  3. Just had a quick look at "that" blog!
    You are right, she is so talented and her sense of humour is wicked!
    Thanks for sharing!
    I know where to get ideas from now on, just need to learn how to sew next...
    Debbie Moss

  4. Hi Bex, another great wallet. I'm off to check out that blog now too.
    Take care.

  5. what a fab wallet, hope the allergies get better....