Monday, 19 January 2009

I Thought This Had Gone Really Well.

Evening all. How are you? I'm a bit frustrated!!
I've just finished making this purse

I thought it had gone quite well after a few glitches at the start ( not enough of original fabric which i realised after id cut out 3/4 of the pieces!!)

However after having something to eat and going back to it its not OK because i missed some of the applique on the front and the poppers are pulling the fabric too much so every time you unpop it open a little bit more fabric comes out from underneath the popper!!! grrrrrr. i really want to increase my folksy stuff so i can finally sell something on there but that's never going to happen this way!!!!


on the plus side checking the blog cheered me up because you guys said nice things about the purse i made thank you for that. whenever i get a bit grumpy about the stuff i make i go back to the comments and re-read them it cheers me up!!

Right....I'm going to make pompoms out of embroidery wrong can that go??



  1. Hi Bex, Is there a link to your Folksy site. I would love to see some of your stuff on there.

  2. Hi Bex, glad you liked my little purses. There's nothing more frustrating than when it's not going right, I find its usually when you're tired, I end up unpicking something cause I'm not happy with it. I usually go away, do something else and then go back to it with fresh eyes and hopefully it comes together in the end.
    Hope you have a good day.

  3. Oh how annoying, it's a gorgeous little purse though! Could you fix it by having a button on the front and a loop of ribbon coming round from the back to fasten it instead? Just an idea :)

    Hope the pompoms went well! xxx