Thursday, 15 January 2009

Some Little Bargains

Hi every one. i hope you are OK. I've got a bit of a poorly hand/wrist at the moment...i think I've sprained it or something, its a little swollen and fairly sore. i rang the doctors and they said to take or cold compress' and try to keep it elevated...boooooooo! its not so bad now, just achey. It didn't stop me from having a wonder around the charity shops though....i found this little collection....
Yep more buttons to add to my tiny collection (if i say its tiny then i don't mind buying more....who am i kidding...even if i didn't make the stuff i do id still have buttons.) A strange children's craft book about making funny looking animals out of pompoms...seriously some of these pictures are a bit scary but it made me chuckle. Last but not least they had a bag of the really thin wool for 25p....i thought it would be good for making pompoms....or something like that...I'm not sure i need them but the colours are pretty and i like them.
Joanna from tagged me... i have to let you guys know about 5 things i love soo....
1) the feeling i get after i make something Ive been thinking of for ages. the way that all of the processes come together (...from my scruffy guesses at measurements...changing the sewing machine needle before i start....) it just gives me a wonderful feeling to think that i came up with that on my tod.
2) my mum and my nanny without whom i would never of had the first original interest in making stuff my self. my nanny made all of aunty's bridesmaid dresses and my mum was always ready to try anything (from the stuffed elephant which she made whilst pregnant with me...his head is Velcro so always falls of but i love him.)
3)hmmm tea....and coffee....and cake (these don't count as three separate ones!!!) i love the fact that you set aside a few minutes to this one thing...a tiny bit of enjoyment in your day. Like when you sit down and go 'ahhhh lovely cup of tea.'
4)my friends. They are a never ending supply of inspiration and suggestion to me. From them going 'hey can you make me this?' to them going 'be quiet Bex. there's nothing wrong with the (blank) which you've just made.
5)the fact that people like my stuff and buy it. Its such a compliment to me that an item myself and my sewing machine have worked on can be good enough for someone to want to buy it.

O.K. there you go
now i need to tag 5 others....nicky,shabby chick, kim,debby and karina.

Have a great evening everyone....(I'm going to go to the cinema and watch Che...I've been there working all day but i want to see this and i don't think it will be there tomorrow.)


  1. Hiya, thanks for tagging me, I will do it soon I promise! Hope your wrist is better soon and have fun at the cinema :)

    Mel xxx

  2. By the way you can definitely NOT have too many buttons, there are always more out there! Your elephant sounds so cute!

    Mel xxx

  3. Hi Bex. It's great when you find some little gems in the charity shop, I know. You can never have too many buttons.
    I hope your wrist is better soon. You're very welcome for the award I'm glad it made you smile.
    Take care.

  4. Im a new follower to your blog.Its funny cause Ive been thinking about collecting some buttons.Doing something with them.Im new in the art world.I love sketching and drawing.I just began a class this week.I want to branch out into other things as well.If I have time.Im a nurse and needless to say Im busy even when Im not LOL. I have 2 daughters in their early 20s so they are grown now.Will look forward to visiting your page.~~Becky