Friday, 2 January 2009

New Year hopes seem to be going well.

Afternoon everyone!Hope that you are all ok. So..i mentioned in a previous post that i had a few things that i would like to try and do in the new year and that i would put them up they are....

1.I would like to try and bake/cook more and I'm going to try and bake something twice a week (cakes, cookies, bread,soup etc etc)

2.I would like to try and take a step back and stay calm when I'm getting in a tizz or stressed about work.

3. I would like to try and really get my stuff up on the Internet for sale. i have a folksy shop ( and i really want to start making more of that.

4. I would like to try and not rush the next sale i i guess what i should say is i would like to plan things better.

5. I would like to try and not go to tescos so much and go to the greengrocers down bath road and such places.

Well, that's it i think...nothing to radical but enough for me to notice the changes. Following on from number 4 i made this to go up in my shop today....The front...with a vintage button covered in a turquoisey colored fabric,
A zip ,on the opposite end to the button, for any change. (i love this fabric!!)
And lastly the inside with 6 spaces for cards (you can probably fit 2 or 3 cards in each) and a space for any notes (Notes? what is this strange and rare paper money you talk of?I've forgotten what they are!!!)

I quite proud of pattern just stuff in my head. I've been thinking of making wallets and have made some felt ones before but stumbled on ones from fabric because of hemming and fraying blah blah blah. but i took my time and it came out lovely!!

I also made one for arthur...something i wanted to do before Christmas but (number 4 AGAIN) i ran out of time... i hope its boyish enough..he said he liked the fabric before i did anything with it (it makes me think of tree bark) What do you think? what?? Stir fry for my tea at work this evening i think. What resolutions did you guys decide on??
Take Care


  1. Hi Bex, loads of good luck with the resolutions, you've got some good ones there! I would highly recommend making cookies, nothing quite beats them warm out of the oven (ours were gone in about 10 minutes!) :)

    That wallet is great, really good. I don't think I could make something that complicated.

    My resolutions were/are: stop swearing as much (already failed but have got PMT so may attempt again in a few days!!!), make more time for myself and be less careless with money. We'll see if any of them work!

    Mel xxx

  2. Hi there, just popped over from Shabby Chicks blog.

    I love your phone pouch.

    Happy new year!

  3. I too just came from the lovely Shabby Chicks blog!
    Love all your creations!
    You are very T.A.L.E.N.T.E.D!

  4. OK, you win, ice stuck to the inside of the windows is definitely worse - hope you've got some warm jumpers!!!

    Mel xxx