Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Here They Are As Promised!!

I said id post these yesterday but i got the batteries later than i thought. Here you go...What do you think?....

It has two zip compartments on either end and folds in the middle. after using it yesterday i think the only thing i would change would be to make it a bit smaller. Whenever i make a first of anything i get this phobia that i wont cut enough seam allowance and so i go a bit crazy and end up with a purse a bit on the large side!! but at least its big enough to fit everything in.

Ive noticed that i am nearing a hundred posts.....or will be in about two weeks. i would like to do a give away but I'm not sure. what do you think?? i was thinking of offering up a wallet...the person who wins would just have to give me a colour and i will make them a lovely wallet in it. hopefully some people will enter!!!

Right....Ive got another one of those fabled days off and the flat is a tip....as dot (Arthur's baby sister) pointed out 'its a bit messy in here isn't it?' soo....I'm going to put on my rubber gloves and tackle the all sorts of different monsters wee have.......dirty clothes monsters....dirty dishes monsters...dust monsters....need i mention more??
take care!!!
P.S. i thought id just post up these pictures of this little unicorn i made today. Ladies and Gentlemen i give you Angela the Sleepy Unicorn. She is a brooch which ive just finished for a very good friend, who i missed a little bit today but get to see tonight. hope you like it Sarah.


  1. Very pretty purse Bex, I tackled the underbed dust monsters yesterday - very scary!!!
    I think I will turn that crochet into a cushion.

  2. Great stuff and that unicorn , love it !
    Clares Craftroom

  3. thought I read this post before and it said "Hope you like it Miss Phelan" and now it says "Sarah". Have I gone mad or did it change! Alison

  4. you soo creative in making that purse.. it looks cute and handy.. so sweet. =)