Saturday, 10 January 2009

taa daaa!!!

Morning everyone!! I hope you are all OK!!

Fresh from the sewing machine is this rather big lady...

shes about double the size i thought she would be...and the darts didn't go to well. i wanted to make one with more of a rounded bottom but this will do me...I'm not going to put it up on folksy because I'm not 100% happy with it...i guess this is what happens when you try to make your own patterns!!! Anyways i like her!!

i thought id just say Thank you to everyone who has left comments on really is a lovely thing to read what other people think of my stuff and to also get in touch with people who think the same as me about a lot of things.SOOOO.....THANKYOU!!!

Right, I'm going to meet Arthur from work!

Take Care



  1. That's so pretty! I bet it's just you that wouldn't be happy with it, we always see our own mistakes more than anyone else would!

    I love blogging for being in touch with similar folks too. Have a great weekend, Mel xxx

  2. I think the bag looks great , now you need to add some buttons around the band. Glad you are feeling better. January always makes me feel like that!