Monday, 5 January 2009

Snow Snow Snow Snow!!!

There wasn't much but what there was lovely and crunchy when you walked on it. i must say that it did make the walk into work more enjoyable. But i couldn't enjoy it as much as would have normally because i think that a cactus may have crawled into my throat the other night because its really sore now!!!! (or maybe i just have a little cold and no cactus...either way it hurts,) So I'm feeling sorry for myself and drank lots and lots of honey,lemon and ginger....yummy.

i did manage to get these done in between moaning to Arthur about my throat. A friends sister ordered these...they are like the other sputniks I've made except these all have Velcro bums so that the people who get them can stuff them with whatever they like (and if they uses plastic bags like me they can use it as a plastic bag holder?) it also makes them a bit easier for me to post as well!!! hehehehe

Right I'm off to drink more honey and warm up the bedroom with our lonely little heater.

i hope your all well!!!
Take Care M'Dears


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  1. Hope you feel better soon Bex, I always find you can't beat ginger tea with a bit of honey in to soothe a bad throat.

    Mel xxx