Thursday, 8 January 2009

sorry about yesterday

i just re-read what i posted yesterday and i realised i sounded like a very grumpy person so i think i should apologise....sorry. I haven't done a lot today but then again i have got to go work in half an my shift has kind of been looming over my day.

Arthur an i have just has the most amazing sandwiches and know i think i ate so much that i may resemble a sandwich a little bit (i look a bit doughy around the edges if you look close)

Anyways here's a picture of a bag I'm making for one of our friends in exchange for one of his lovely pictures...i got to indulge in my love of buttons!!!

I'll be back again soon....hopefully with something more interesting!!

Take Care


  1. Hi Bex

    Just had a look at your previous post (thought I put a comment on yesterday but obviously not!!!), don't worry we all have a moan now and again. Your muffins looked good!

    The bag looks gorgeous, I love buttons too. I think I might have to make something with them soon now I've seen yours :)

    mel xxx

  2. We all have grumpy days...
    I shared a few tears a few days back (Wednesday) , because the holiday season is over, we are more skint than ever, and my home is in a tip!
    I think its the January blues!
    Wishing you and Arthur a cheerful weekend!
    Debbie Moss

    The muffins below, do sure look yummy, any left? Lol