Friday, 9 January 2009

Right! Thats It!! No more sulking around!

I'm done being all makes me feel bad and lazy so I'm not going to do it anymore!!

To prove this i made all of these things today...
Its a colorful navy blue cord shoulder bag...
The guy who this is for likes crazy bright colors which is why i went for the bizarre blue butterfly fabric for the lining ( and also the funky buttons on the front.)
This is for one of our friends...he's the artist in residence Swansea University (i believe) and he recently completed a series of photos which i fell in love with straight away!! After pussyfooting around it i asked him if he would swap be a print for one of my bags and he agreed!!! Look what i got in exchange!! (excuse the rubbish photo!!) I love the confused look on the mans face and the green of the berries. you can find pictures of his other stuff at
I also finished off these today.

After i showed some people the phone pouch which i made last week two of my good friends asked if i had any of the fabric left and if i could make them some ipod cases...which i did. AND I've still got some of the felt left too!!!

So far that's all I've done today...I've got an order for a necklace and need to adjust a bracelet i made also but i think i may have a few minutes on the Internet first.

Thanks to everyone who told me to cheer up and that I'm not the only one who gets all mope-y.

Take Care



  1. You sound a lot more cheeful! And busy too... I love the picture you got, it's so sweet. Great news on the ipod cases, I haven't even got an MP3 player, I think I'm a bit of a techno dinosaur as my Dad would say!

    Mel xxx

  2. I like the stripey pouches. I have had an MP3 player for a year and still havnt managed to get it to work!!! I have just about managed to go from video to DVD though (its a start) LOL!

  3. Wow, I wish I could be as productive as you! I've got that post christmas lethargy - I've got some things on the go but am struggling to get back in to my sewing routine plus, I've been recording far too many 'escape to the country' and 'flog it!' episodes over the last week! I need a mantra: today I will sew, today I will sew....
    Kim xx