Sunday, 18 January 2009

That Didn't Take Me Long


I really wanted to make something out of the tea towels i mentioned yesterday that evening but i was too tired and i have to concentrate quite a lot when i make these because the measurements are quite important. So today i went straight to my sewing machine and this is what came out after a few hours!!!

Its already listed on my folksy shop because i kept finding myself thinking 'oh this is rather nice...maybe i can have it' so i thought if i put it up quick then i couldn't have it. i was a bit worried to cut into the towel because i really like it but I'm pleased with the purse so i guess it was worth it.

i hope everyone is OK....guess what???...i have to go work (eurgh) Never mind day off tomorrow!

Take Care


  1. Hey, it's really good Bex! You must be proud of it. I am having a crap day (cooking disasters, will post about it later argh). Hope work goes quickly for you xxx

  2. Hi Bex, the purses are great, really like them. Enjoy your day off.

  3. I love those purses I think you are very clever . Shame you have to go to work you could have made lots more and then you could keep one .
    Clares Craftroom