Wednesday, 28 January 2009

No Makes Today....Instead I Give You CUPS!!

I follow a blog called crafty fish. and one of her recent posts was about favorite cups and crockery. She asked people to put up pictures of their favorite cups so i have!!These are just a few of my favorites. We drink ALOT of hot drinks here so we have a ridiculous amount of cups and mugs for two people. The one on the far right has puffins on it....i found it in a charity shop and i don't know why but the puffins just made me smile! ( i normally drink out of this one when I'm feeling worse for ware or poorly.) The one in the middle is my absolute favorite one!! i got it this Christmas from Whittards and its covered in different colored and patterned apples, The little one is from habitat and Arth has a black one to match which sits on top of it. And the last one is another one from Whittards which arth brought me 3 years ago...i have a little tea pot to match.

Hmmmm, that's a lot to write about cups....ahh well...its the little things that count. Everyone has favorites of one thing or another, like i have a favorite piece of tailors chalk and a favorite needle.

What about you guys?? any strange favorites??



  1. That apple mug would be my favourite too. It's a shame Whittards is in trouble isn't it?

    I can't think of any weird favourites at the moment though I have two favourite needles - one for embroidery and one for normal sewing so I know what you mean there :)

    Mel xxx

  2. I have a favourte needle aswell! thought it was just me!

  3. oh yes - that apple design! I bought the sugar bowl too x x