Friday, 29 May 2009

Lovely Vintage Pages...

Morning Everyone!!I'm up early today because Arth has work at 9...i thought i might as well get up with him as i start at 11 anyways!!
I took some pictures of the pages i so cruelly ripped out of the old annuals from the auction. i felt terrible doing it but most of the books in a pretty poor condition and the only thing i could do with them was to save the best bits.Ive got an idea floating in my head to use some of the pictures to make a sort of collage picture...that's not how to describe it....imagine a picture frame with one of the pictures below as the main focal point, but around it I'm going to use fabric scraps, buttons, other paper etc to jazz it up...i guess its going to look like a mood board in a frame....hmmm we will see...

I'm quite happy today, Arth and I have been offered a lovely house to rent which sounds fantastic, we are going to go and look at it Sunday. Also, its my birthday on Monday and we've decided to go to bath for it. i love bath, and who knows...maybe i will have some birthday pennies to spend whilst I'm there??

Righto....I'm off to get dressed, i think I'm going to sit in the park for an hour before work and read...

Take Care


  1. Oh the pictures are beautiful. I bet you felt odd taking them out of the books! But as you said they were very tatty anyway!. Great news about the house. Good luck with that x

  2. Good luck with the house. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the pictures.
    Have a great birthday - I love Bath, lots of great shops.

  3. lovely vintage pics, i hope you have a lovely birthday, and good luck with the house xx

  4. Happy Birthday Bex! Looks like you share the same birthday as the queen :D
    I think the pictures from the annuals are gorgeous. I would love love to see the end result is :).
    Oh, I'm thinking of getting a tattoo on my right shoulder blade for my 21st :). I'm all brave now, but I'm sure to chicken out when the day looms closer. Was it painful when you had yours done? And what design did you get? :)

  5. Happy birthday! Hope the sun shines and you have plenty of pennies to spend on yourself.
    Those vintage illustrations are amazing, sometimes when a book is in poor condition it is better to same some of it rather then nothing.
    Kim xx

  6. Hi Bex
    you'll have to learn crochet, im a beginner really, i love the quirky bits and bobs you can make.

  7. Ooooh those books look great. I like to use vintage book pages for wrapping paper - it looks great. If the other pages aren't in too bad condition you might be able to use them to wrap some of the things you sell...
    Hope you had a great birthday today. Mine was yesterday! We've both been lucky with the weather :-)

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