Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Im Still Alive!!

Hello out there!!
I'm really sorry for the lack of posts of the weekend. i went back to King's Lynn (where i am originally from) for a family weekend! Mum and Dad don't have a great Internet connection so i had to leave off of the whole Internet world!! we got back today tho'...after a 5 and half hour train journey!!! ridiculous!! but it was worth it! i had a great time!!
Whilst away for the weekend i lost my auction virginity!! Yes people they let me lose in an auction...more fool them!! it was great, my nan and grandad were there. Grandad is THE BEST bargain hunter ever....if hes not THE BEST he is a definite contender! he is always pottering about in his shed with tools and what not so he bid on a few monstrosity's which i think were saws of some sort!! Can you hazard a guess at what i brought? (im not going to offer a prize because its soo obvious..)
Yep! you guessed it....BUTTONS. a big 'ol tin of them with some corkers in!! i got a bit caught up in it all because another lady was bidding for them too! i had had my eyes on the lot since the start of the day and the buttons were lot number 313 so were right at the end!! i was determined to take them home with me! after i had one the bid i had to sit down for five minutes...i was shaking like a leaf!! The buttons were all ready matched up by color and put into sandwich bags but some had gone all sweaty and the colour and ran on some of them so here they are before i spent an hour washing each one...
and here they are drying out in the sun! There are some beautiful red ones!! I'll do a separate post for them later!!
My mum won a bid on a basket full of vintage linen...which she won for £6!!!

She kindly gave me a great table cloth...buts the light has gone and I'm sleepy after a horrible train journey so I'll post about that later to!!
I also got a huge box of vintage annuals...so from the 70's but there were a few books from the 1930's!! although the covers were a bit battered so i may have committed book sacrilege and taken out some of the better pages to make things of later on...please don't hate me!

Right, I'm sorry if this post seems a bit haphazard but I'm all over the place. it was the craft night in this evening which started at 6, however i didn't get in from the train journey until about half 4! so my brain is all scattered.i promise you a proper coherent post soon!!

Take Care



  1. Oh the memories! My family are from around Swaffham so I used to go there a lot. My aunt was an auction addict - Noel Abel's in Watton! She'd bid on a box of books because she'd not read one of them, or a box of pictures for just one. Then she introduced us to Swaffham market auction - my then husband adored it and we always ended up with some strange thing he thought was something so not what it was designed for. Perhaps it's time for a holiday and an auction....?! Enjoy your buttons. Sue

  2. hey bex! i was wondering where have you gone =D. was missing updates from you!
    such fun to spend such a lovely weekend with family =). yay for family weekends!
    looks like you got yourself some wonderful treasures too. yes, please take some close up pictures of the buttons. i am a fan of gorgeous buttons as well =D

  3. Sounds like the auction was good fun! And that looks like quite a haul of buttons! I didnt realise things like that would be available to bid on :o
    I can imagine the bidding being quite nerve racking!

    Hope to hear more from you soon :D

  4. Hope you had a lovely time in Kings Lynn my folks are in Norfolk too. Sorry I didn't make it last night...hope it went well xx