Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Rain On...Rain Off...Rain On...Rain Off...

Hello all.
Isn't this weather kind of annoying? i love being inside in the rain, especially in our bed room as it is in the attic so it sounds awesome; but I'm not such a fan of it when i keep getting caught in these peculiar five minute down pours which keep happening around these parts! It gets all on my glasses, so then i take them off, but then i wonder around looking like a squinty mole...which i imagine is not too attractive.
Arthur and I went to Cirencester because we both had the day off it was so lovely and green thanks to the rain (so i shouldn't really moan about the weather!)
We decided to go there because i wanted to chase up MADE (the shop which sells StuffedNonsense stuff). They had said they would email a few weeks ago with an inventory of what had sold but we hadn't had any. Turns out there was nothing to worry about, they were just going to add April's sold items on May's sold items. There's a post on the StuffedNonsense blog with some pictures of our stock in the shop.
There's an awesome antique shop in Cirencester...we couldn't resist a little peek...
We finished the trip off with some coffee and cake at an amazing coffee which roasts its own beans!!
The smell was wonderful!!

The Cup Cake was Lavender and Lemon...interesting.

I'm trying to be crazy organised, i mentioned in a previous post that everything is going to happen all at once in late June early July, so i madea few button necklaces for our stall at the next craft fair ...the light was a bit rubbish so i decided to hold of on the picture taking. But on another crafty note...
My mum asked me to make some bibs for the twins which she looks after. these were a nice simple project...i just sat back and enjoyed sewing them. i used rubber stamps and fabric paint to print the messages on the front.....
O.K, I'm going to head off, feeling a bit tired and melancholy so I'm not going to chew your ears off any longer!
Take Care!!


  1. Cute bibs! Glad all is OK with the shop that stocks your things. I'm getting really fed up of the weather too, keep needing to go to town but don't want to get soaked!

    Mel xxx

  2. blimey bex, you've been busy (I'm behind on my blog reading) congrats on the shop! that's amazing news and I am very jealous of your day in cirencester as above. the antique shop is right up my street (especially the tins and insect broaches) and i could fancy a nice cake right now. love the bibs. Bx

  3. Oh I love the bibs...know what you mean about the rain...it's driving me crazy, trying to work out when it's safe to leave the house! x

  4. I love cirnecester but it always cost me a fortune!

  5. LOL!! squinty mole? oh, i know how it feels like being a squinty mole! ;) if only i had perfect (i'll take near perfect too) vision once again - no more looking like a squinty mole! ;)
    love the "little monster" bibs. i imagine it would attract lots of smiles if worn in public =D.

  6. i love the bibs and the antique books, xx

  7. Hi, thought i'd come an introduce myself, although i'm pretty sure i've commented on your blog before. My name is LissyLou and i'm your seaside swap buddy!! I'm looking forward to this one - i'm off to search your blog to get some ideas. Have a good long weekend x

  8. Hi Bex! Lovely Bibs. And Congrats on the shop! I'm catching up on your blog, We had an inland hurricane a few weeks ago and I still don't have internet at home. Anyways, Good Luck with the shop. I hope it's amazingly successful:)